BLACKS VS. WHITES: Luke Cage Season 2 and "Cloak and Dagger" Are Being Used As Propaganda To Fuel The Race War.

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Luke Cage Season 2

just got released June 22nd, 2018 so I thought I would have a watch and my mind was blown. The first season was very neutral with only a hint of propaganda but season 2 takes it to a whole new level. The "blacks should hate whites" agenda is so strong it's undeniable. I'm writing this now to hopefully reach the right people and help them see the truth, that we are being manipulated through the media and movies to always find more reasons to divide as a people.

First off, there's Luke Cage, a full blood black man, with the option of being with 2 different women in the story, one full black and one mix race, half white woman, guess which one he chooses? The mixed race, almost white girl. This will anger the "full black" community to no end. But it gets worse, because the "baddie" full black woman (Miranda) crime boss is dating a young white guy (Shades) that clearly pulls on the same strings. The radical black power movement will hate this and the image stirs up animosity subliminally towards whites.


And it doesn't stop there, oh no, the beginning of episode 1 they talk over and over about how the black man needs to get paid because all the white people get paid, and they must only do business with other blacks. They are told they can't do business with just any old blacks too, they must be real, full blacks, from down south. Apparently, those are the only real blacks. Go figure right? The same narrative I see proliferated across instagram about blacks only doing business with blacks and fuck all the white people is so over the top. They don't even hide it anymore.

I guess it makes sence when you realize ABC and marvel worked together to create this show... and everyone knows that the mainstream media was created to divide and conquer us since the invention of television and newspapers.

Then there is the new show called "Cloak and Dagger",

and the reason I connect these 2 shows is that they both have come out at the same time, saying the same thing, causing subliminal hatred towards whites if you're in a black or minority community. This show is just as blatant as Luke Cage with their propaganda and subliminal messages.

First off, in this show there are 2 magic powers that the two main characters posess, believe it or not, it's a "black power" and a "white power". Surprise surprise. So episode 1 starts with white cops shooting an innocent black man while his little brother watched. So all the episodes are tied back to this scene and showed over and over throughout the series. The main black character is always complaining how hard his life is because everyone wants to kill him because he is black, even though he is a nice kid, dressed well, going to a private catholic school. Insinuating that even well dressed good black people are targets and should fear for their lives daily. To make matters worse, the black super power makes you a bad person and can see people's fears when touched, but the white power makes you good and lets you see people's hopes.


The agenda is pushed in every other scene of these tv shows to the point where I felt obligated to write this to combat such obvious race bait. The powers that be want us to all to hate each other and fight each other so we have no time to focus on the real criminals tearing apart our world. This is not a black white fight. This is 7 billion people fight against a small handful of elites of all colors and nationalities. As long as people keep buying into their brainwashing campaigns we stand no chance at coming together as a human race to wipe out the greedy egomaniacs that control our world and progress towards a healthy united future.

I encourage you all reading this to watch these shows and see if you notice what I am seeing. Help take a stand against the manufactured race war. Write about it, talk about it, let them know we know. Their tricks can't work on an enlightened society.


I for one am not fooled for a second. I know there is only one race, the human race. There also is only one planet and we must learn to work together as one to reach our highest potential and shed the dead weight that slows us. I believe we are on the right path and soon we will look back at these dark days and laugh at how stupid and naive we were to let a group of greedy rich people pit us against each other so they can profit from both sides of the argument. I'll leave you with those thoughts. Thanks for reading.

I hope to see you soon. --> @thedonfreeman

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great post.
You are right the media is designed to create robot people, thinking and acting as they want them to.

There is NO such thing as race. Think about it, that is a made up concept. We are all spiritual beings here on planet Earth, helping each other.

Maybe, the right people will read your post and see through what is going on.

  ·  last year (edited)

Totally agree. This is my thought about that.



Spot on.

They get worse and worse with their divisive words and messages it’s astonishing. I tell people all the time it’s not about one color, nationality or any of the other well crafted divisions. We are all humans, we all live here there need not be this division and hate.
Thank you for the post, I wasn’t aware of these shows. I want to watch them and see it for myself but I also don’t want to give them the additional ratings they desire. The more that watch that overt programming the more they will air it.


I hear you. Let me know what you think after watching.

yup, race relations were doing quite well then Obama got elected and they started creating the false divisive racial narratives about Travon and hands up don't shoot. They have people so upset that Sandra Bland lost her shit and took her own life, she spent a lot of time online arguing about Travon. It's sad, now they kicked it into high gear to push their false "Trump is a racist! narrative.

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