The GOP wants to gut Medicare, Social Security

in politics •  11 months ago 

They gave tax cuts to the very wealthy and expect the middle class to cover the deficit it created. This is before any infrastructure bill is even considered. Please remember this when you vote. This is going to hurt middle-class America no matter what party. This, along with the rising consumer prices, will bring us to the next great recession. Of course politicians and the very wealthy are not as affected by recessions as normal Americans.

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My thoughts on this news

The Republican party has always hated the poor, the disabled and the powerless. They always blame them for the debt and deficit, so it is only natural for them to take away government benefits which help the poor and disabled. Since they passed huge tax cuts which have benefited the wealthiest Americans and they have increased spending on the military which we do not need. They have increased the deficit by a large margin, so they need more money to cover the costs of that deficit. As usual they are trying to take benefits away from Americans who need those benefits the most. This is what a government takeover by corporatists looks like, the rich get richer, cut their own taxes so they keep more of their money and at the same time reduce benefits for the poorest people.... Americans need to start voting these people out of office, tax cuts for the rich do not work and never have, they only lead to greater wealth inequality and a bigger poor class...

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