[politicBug : Korea] What is NL PD which occupy the Red House ?

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[politicBug : Korea] What is NL PD which occupy the Red House ?

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The original name of South Korea president office is the Blue House corresponding to the White House of USA.

But it is now occupied by the so-called NL PD North-spylike Communists, so it is sometimes called the Red House for the reflection of the Red spirit occupying inside.

Currently South Korea is robbed, occupied and controlled by the so-called NL PD, North-spylike Communists which occupy the Red-House.

20180524Thu1957utc+9_steamsteem_1stDwgGalno2spen1600x900pdf_[politicBug-Korea]WhatIsNL PD occupying RedHouse.png

Then what is NL PD occupying the Red House ?

NL and PD are the two main branch name of the anti-Korea-government activists of about 40-year-long history.
The NL and PD are the name they adopted and have used to identify themselves for over 30 years.

Now the terminology is explained.

NL is the abbreviation of 'National Liberation'.
This National Liberation is not a word made only for Korea,
but a general word from the Communist revolution theory and history.

National Liberation seems to mean that they should liberate the nation by communism.

Korea NL is those who think that they should cooperate with Kim il-sung, the 1st North Korea Communist dictator to fight against South Korea government and liberate South Korea from the USA. They are called as JuSaPa after Ju-Che-Sasang ( meaning Subjective Ideology ) of Kim il-sung's North-Korea governing ideology.

From their name and their lifetime belief and activities, it is clear that they are North-Spyllike Communist.
They are directly responsible for the early 1980s occupation and arson at the Center of American Studies in Korea, and secret dispatch of South Korea college girl to the NK's PyeongYang propaganda festival, and most anti-government demonstrations in South Korea.

They are said to have greeted themselves secretly 'We-Soo-Kim-Dong' meaning ' the great Leader Kim il-sung comrade' like 'Heil Hitler'. They have been lifetime North-spyish Communist in belief and in activties, and been imprisoned for several years each.

They have intended to topple South Korea in cooperation with North Korea, organizing undercover networks of Communist revolutionary (treacherous) cells.
It is spy and treachery, definitely.


PD is abbreviated from 'People's Democracy' or, some say, 'Proletariat Dictatorship'.
This is also their own naming for themselves.

People's Democracy or Proletariat Dictatorship are also from general Communism theory or histroy, not just for Korea.

People's Democracy means euphemism for Communism which abuse the word democracy for Communism.
South Korea's formal name is ROK, Republic of Korea,
and North Korea's formal name is DPRK, Democratic People's Republic of Korea.
Most country whose name contains 'Democratic People' are considered to be Communism-inclined.

Proletariat Dictatorship also means Communism.
Proletariat is ancient Roman's lowest class. Proletariat Dictatorship propaganda that the lowest class should unite to take power, but afterwards a dictator governs the proletariat as slaves in some typical Communist countries.

Now whether it is People's Democracy or Proletariat Dictatorship, it is also clear the PD is Communist.
They tend to penetrate into Korea society as Communist to achieve Communism Revolution.


The NL PD advertise that they are the democracy activists and some got elected as congressman.
But they were not the democracy activists but the communist activist.
If Korean voters were not deceived about NL PD 's identity, no NL PD could have gotten elected.


I am not an expert in Communist theory or history.
If you find some errors, please let me know so that I can study and correct them.


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