[politicBug: Korea ] South-North talk, US-North talk (Prediction on 2018.04.24)

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[politicBug: Korea ] South-North talk, US-North talk (Prediction on 2018.04.24)

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The below is my view as of a month ago, on 2018.04.24.Tue. 07:08(utc+9) on

a few days later as of that time, Moon and Kim South-North Summit on PanMunJum 2018.04.27.Fri
and next month as of now, Trump and Kim US-NorthKorea Summit scheduled on 2018.06.12.Tue

But I still think it is valid and it was a very good insight.


South Korea and North Korea will have a summit meeting on this Friday 2018.04.27.Fri(utc+9) at PanMunJum (JSA; Joint Security Area in the DMZ, DeMilitarized Zone of the divided Korea), and there are some people who show absurd expectations from the mislead propaganda of South Korea government which seems to be a kind of North's spyish government with Communism orientation.

There are untalked reality which are ignored or tried to be ignored by the emotion-appealing-propaganda-controlled stupid people and/or many press which need to appeal to the stupid people or which are also already penetrated and controlled by the North-spyish Communism-inclined people.

I found and introduce a video which shows the reality, in my opinions, about the South-North summit and the US-North summit talk.

Since it is made by the so-called-by-youngs old bugs, it is too slow,
but if you play at 2x speed, it is quite comfortable to watch.

(youtube.com/watch?v=ACOFZatnrtM, in Korea language only. )


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The original name of South Korea president office is the Blue House corresponding to the White House of USA.

But it is now occupied by the so-called NL PD North-spylike Communists, so it is sometimes called Red House for the reflection of the Red spirit occupying inside.

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German style unification is lead by the liberal democratic prospering south side by absorbing the communist perishing north side, and Vietnam style is lead by the oppressing Communist North side by invading the liberal South side, falling into poverty and misery.

Current South-Korea President Moon (Jae-In Monn) wrote at his autography that he felt ultimate happiness when the Vietnam was unified by the North Communist's invasion into South after the withdrawal of US army after the US-North VietCong talk and the peace agreement.

Many SK people think he deceived SK people about his identity denying that he is Communist.

Since South-Korea political power seems to be occupied by the North-spylike Communist, many South-Korea people consider the South-Korea government is the 2nd platoon of the North-Korea.

It is a pity that we South-Korea people have to rely on the wise and smart US president Trump and his assistant Pompeo to cope with North-Korea at the US-NK talk, until we SK people topple down the current spylike Communist SK government which got elected by deceiving most stupid SK people denying its identity of Communist.

Liberal-Democracy-loving SK people should know that while we were eager to devote to our jobs to develop our country leaving politics to the leaders, the Communists have long penetrated into the education system and labor fields to brain-wash the young generations and planted Communism into their brains, and consequently defeated the liberal democratic side last election.

From now on, we should spend more time and efforts to educate the young generations in the family dining table
to keep our country with freedom and prosperity away from the freedom-oppressing and perishing Communism of poverty.


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