Expect Trump to start a war, soon.

in politics •  2 years ago 

Almost all Us President's have a war that they are identified with G H Bush invaded Panama and Iraq, his son GW Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, Bill Clinton attacked Serbia, Obama financed and armed islamists in Libya to overthrow Gadafi and was in the process of doing the same in Syria when a new President got into office. President Trump is increasing sanctions against Venezuela, he is making tough statements against Iran and North Korea, he seems to be continuing Obama policies of regime change in the middle east.
Trump is in big trouble in internal American politics. The democrats and republicans never got over his victory aka their loss, he is in a war with cnn and other main stream media, he faces never ending floods of allegations by his enemies whether true or not about Russia, extra marital affairs, hush money, shell companies etc.
I predict that he will go to war to control his image. The image of a strong President invading Venezuela, Lebanon, Iran or which ever country it will be. The US press will toe the line as they always do when America goes to war. There will be embedded journalists, military parades, national anthems in football stadium and on TV.

Trump will cover himself in Patriotic displays of the US flag etc. And he will win reelection.

If I was Trump following the example of Presidents before him my target would be Venezuela. Geographicaly it is relatively close to the USA as it sits on the Western hemisphere, it has a air force that Trumps War ships can destroy from 100km away, it gives him a chance to be seen as the Leader who pushes back socialism. Venezuela has more proven oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and once Trumps invasion removes the Maduro Government US oil companies can come in and make beaucoup money as well as venezuelan elites. As a result of the US defeating Venezuela of which there is no doubt there would be new US military bases for America to project power deep into South America and the Caribbean.

US soldiers will feel much more comfortable in a country like Venezuela where women don't walk around with Burkas and such and where beer, hard alcohol, pork and sex are as much enjoyed as in the USA.

The only question is how he would start the war. Maybe some kind of false flag, or he may use his powers that allow him to fight war for 90 days before having to get permission from congress. Or more likely some kind of covert war like in Libya and Syria.
What do you guys think?

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