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RE: S-teem is a censor-shi-p chain, informationwar lost most of its support on Ste-em

in #politics3 years ago

I am a proud member of the informationwar community and will continue to use the tag even if I am the only one. I don't care about the crypto, it's the idea. I am not convinced THE OTHER PLACE will be a good one. I have concerns given all the bad actors went there especially the bad witnesses. I am not interested in all their nonsense and drama. If I am censored here then so be it. I have other platforms I use. If I leave then I just leave and I am done. No more nonsense. No more games. There are other platforms to use.

In the meantime I am and have been a proud member of this community since I first came to steemit. I remember how excited I was and how hopeful I was that we could do great things together here on the internet. I am a proud infowarrior and nothing is going to change that. I'm gonna open the eyes of our new users if I can.

Be blessed my friend and I wish you the best no matter where you are. Seriously, much love. Do what ya have to do just keep on telling the truth.

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