A brief history of Social Justice and "Social Justice Warriors"

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Social Justice is often a misunderstood phenomemon: Having started out as a Philosophical term, it slowly transformed into the battlefield that we know today.
In this video, we'll go through the inception, development and the current situation of "Social Justice" and "Social Justice Warriors" all around the world.

Dr. Layman :



Did you make this video? Seems like a very solid piece.

No, it was made by Dr. Layman. All his links are in the post and if you go to the video on youtube he has links to all of his sources. it is an awesome video I thought I should share.

Cool thanks for sharing it - I found it interesting. Was hoping you were him so I could discuss it with you. But thanks anyway :-)

I already follow you and I upvoted it - I need to learn when it is okay to post stuff you find on the net and not original content on this site - I guess it is just because you give credit to the creator?

yeah as long as you supply links to the sources and give credit and a path to check them out its ok I guess.
I just try to make sure if its not something I made I leave links to the person that made it. If I made it its usually only sources at the end if I even post those at the bottom.

Dr Layman is also impressive...I see we're making the same rounds on Y-Tube lol! I used to watch some Stephan Molyneux but he seems to suffer from a bit of hubris- he likes the sound of his own voice. He also changes positions to suit whatever narrative he's expounding. His video on Lincoln was superb and so were some others.

Stephan does some great stuff sometimes but yeah he does seem to like his voice a lot. lol
dr layman is awesome, I don't think I have seen one of his videos I didn't like yet.

I haven't either!