Q: Something HISTORIC and GLOBAL is Happening

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from SGTreport.com:

Something historic and GLOBAL is happening RIGHT NOW as you read this, and it's called the #GreatAwakening. The mainstream "news" media has lost all credibility across all platforms and now even former hardcore liberals are beginning to wake up. And #Q, which the mainstream media calls "a bizarre pro-Trump conspiracy theory" is at the center of it all.

Join me and my guests 412 Anon, Grand Torino and Dragon as we discuss all of the latest.


Yes, it is happening...


You talked a lot about TRUTH in this episode.

As a long time educator, I've always told my students that there are two or more sides to an issue (like a coin) and to get to the real truth, you need to explore all sides.

Here is where I think your approach is flawed and thus keeping you and many of your viewers away from the real truth:

With the exception of your DEBATING Q, Trump & Zionism with Adam Green video (where you actually had a guest that show the other side of your usual take on things and speaking it freely), I have yet to see you really look into things objectively from more than one side with regards to Q and Trump. Why?

Only one simple example of something negative about Trump and his administration is the cold hard fact that America's Military Drops A Bomb Every 12 Minutes, And No One Is Talking About It. And by nobody, that includes SGTReport. Another example which I have often commented and posted on your blog is about the lawsuit against Trump and Epstein. You NEVER address these. Why?

How about the one where Q is basically calling for war and regime change in Iran?

And at the end of the day, the cold hard fact remains that NOBODY knows who Q is. So, how can you put your trust in a total stranger?

In this very video today, you criticize people like me for being paid trolls (which my track records proves I am not!) and say that we don't want want to ENGAGE in a conversation.

How dare you say this? I have asked on many many occasions in a very polite and respectful tone for you to address or respond to some of the issues being discussed as to get a balanced view on things (i.e., exploring the two sides of the coin) to get to the real truth of things.

It is you who is not engaging by ignoring people like us who, despite having differences in opinion, are loyally following and supporting you.

I just don't think you're being fair and objective. And am about to give up on you alltogether if you are not willing to engage and respond. The Steemit community is about this my friend. If you are not doing so, why are you on this platform exactly?


SgtReport used to keep to the facts and the data to support the truth, but now he has jumped on the speculation train. The perception of people thinking things change when they elect a new leader has been going on for a very long time, and those in control have gotten very good at it. Magicians shuffling the cards, every election they shuffle the deck to make people believe something different will happen. But the end game is always the same; more control, more government, and more money. People see what they want to see. Like Mark Twain said: "It is easier to fool someone, than convince them they have been fooled."

Great quote by Twain; he has so many and was an absolutely brilliant individual.

Although there are some positive things coming out of Trump and Q, the fact remains that all the nefarious agendas (eugenics, fractional-reserve banking, theft by taxation and inflation, wars, censorship, etc., etc.) are still taking place full steam ahead and these are much larger than any one president or abstract warrior can tackle.

The financial system and US dollar will implode; that is a mathematical certainty. And when it does, neither Trump nor Q will be able to mitigate its effects, nor those of those agendas being continually implemented (and likely will be amped with new more draconion laws and measures upon the next crises, i.e., problem-reaction-solution). Rinse and Repeat.

If we want real change, here's the approach to use:

buckminster fuller - change.jpg

Anyone who is following current Q = Q5 is not telling the truth. See my blog for the full truth about this fake Q anon.

Im pretty sure Q is a psyop. Placate the people who are waking up. Giving them false hope so they wont be stirred to any kind of action. But Im listening for news I was unaware of. Not 100% verified accuracy. I just filter out the Q stuff. If it turns out to be real, I'll be pleasantly surprised. But until that happens (or Q is proven to be a fraud) Im not thowing out these seeds for further investigation.

You are absolutely correct. See my posts and blog, where I fully expose Q as fake. As fake as fake can be!

Yep. That is a good take on it I think.

Unfortunately for Sean, he thinks that two documents; the Constitution and Bill of Rights, actually mean anything.

Sean's opinions are based from a Christian Statist's point of view. Therefore, Sean's truths are filtered through those particular filter lenses.

The majority of the planet are not Christian Statists.

Make Anarchy Great Again.

The Constitution is only partially valid in the Supreme Court and in the courts of only 23 or so Constitutional judges. All the rest of the Federal Courts ban it, as seen in the Bundy case. The U.S. is under Inter-regnum, martial law and military rule and under Maritime law and the law of the sea. The Constitution has been banned from Federal courts, as they did in the case of the Bundys, for example. Wake=up all you who believe the Constitution still applies!

You are absolutely correct about Fake Q and about Trump. Trump is also a shill for the banking cartel, has not kept his promise to lock Hillary Up and is doing all that the banking cartel and military industrial complex wants him to do. He is a chabad cult member and is not MAGA, he is MIGA - make Israel Great Again and attack any countries that do not have Black Nobility - Rothschild banks.

See my blog also where I fully expose Q as FAKE!

Indeed. If anyone thinks the US, Congress, Trump, and Q are not wanting to MIGA they are quite ignorant of the facts. See my post Enough is enough: time for humanity to Boycott Israel to Free Palestine on the subject.

I am following you now as I see you have a lot of good content. I will add some comments to a few of them in the next short while.

Thanks for weighing in.


I am also looking forward to reading the comments you mentioned you would add.

Thank you,

Mother Liberty.

Q is a distraction. Itcanbegreat always my friend. Great job on the video as usual. I just found you on here but have commented on some videos on yt or 9087883 (youtube in pager code). Take care and please come see my blog and channel on 9087883
Please enjoy these videos.
Thank you for what you do.

The world should be PISSED OFF❗️All these unconstitutional wars based on the false flag and ridiculous theory by the establishment of two planes knocking down three skyscrapers on 9/11 have cost thousands of lives , and has displaced millions . When these very real facts are dismissed like what is the first thing you’ve learned from watching TV detectives ❓Don’t touch the scene of the crime right ❗️ Well what was the first thing they did ❓TOUCHED IT‼️ Thats not a conspiracy theory ❗️These are facts dismissed by the press❗️Like four data recorders , four flight recorders , eight jumbo jet engines ALL MISSING ❗️Not a conspiracy theory ❗️FACT❗️All buildings that collapsed did so at FASTER then free fall speed ⁉️ FACT ❗️Not conspiracy theory❗️High treason has been committed , and the REPUBLIC is under attack❗️Thats not conspiracy theory ❗️

"All buildings that collapsed did so at FASTER then free fall speed ⁉️"

Prove it with data, please.

The evil cabal is global. Q keeps saying this. There a many thousands of people in Australia who also support Trump because he is leading the battle against the globalist cabal that is suppressing and abusing humanity.

God bless you, our media would have us believe that the world has been fooled by their propaganda.

Excellent interview with well informed guests. I do believe that Q is the truth to what is real. Thanks for sharing the truth Sean @sgtreport.

Be careful with the Q an-nonsense..

At best it's controlled opposition to misdirect and waste your (our) energy. 

At worst it's the New World Orders's demonically controlled Quantum A.I. system (D-Wave Model 4092) with the processing power of 120 Billion human brains,


The Q stands for Quantum Computer. Just be careful my friend. 

Don't be fooled by the New World Order.

They are HELL-bent on humanity's destruction.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Are you guys over there at SGT paying attention to the Twitter feed of ‘An Open Secret?’ Some really good information there. They really seem to know their facts over what’s going on in Hollywood!

Please use another platform - anything but Youtube. Theyve already banned you once. I have youtube bl9cked via DNS coz of malicious censorship. As is I have to unblock in order to see your stuff. Bitchute, periscope, Dtube, Real.Video. Some of these are monitized even.

Review of fake Q list of Congress people who are resigning.



The Fake Q Plan to Save The World Exposed!!


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