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from SGTreport.com:

Friends, this video would have been posted in the late evening of September 11th, but as I was finishing my computer crashed at 10:58pm and I lost half the work so had to rebuild it. So, it's 2:21 am CST on the 12th, and the question remains:

We are told to 'NEVER FORGET'... what EXACTLY should we never forget?

Because that truth is the KEY to our very future.

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Sean, I have been saying this for 17 Years. 9/11 and "NEVER FORGET" is Bullshit and I saw it from my Cubicle at Charles Schwab that Morning while I was Trading Stocks in the Pre-market Hours. I knew 19 Hijackers was B.S. and that there was No Airplane Wreckage in that Shanksville, Pa. Field..........Oh, One More Thing Jane Standly

I found footage of no one reacting to The plane approaching... Plus a woman with two umbrella signaling the cameraman

9 11 was an inside job.


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NEVER FORGET❗️That we’re being run by M U R D E R E R S❗️And NEVER FORGIVE these communist infiltrators like MIKE PENCE❗️You just made a list fucker . They all have to be rounded up and tried for HIGH TREASON❗️Quick trial and even quicker EXECUTIONS❗️We’ll use the same rope for everyone to save money . HIGH TREASON has been committed . Get your balls out of your wife’s purse 👛 and do your constitutional responsibilities❗️