Basic Facts about the War in Syria

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The War in Syria 101

I’m going to spell out the basic indisputable facts that everyone needs to know about the war in Syria.

-The US has been meddling in Syria’s internal political affairs since the late 1940’s and created a manufactured insurrection that manifested in March 2011.

-The US and their allies planned, prepared, and executed the war in Syria under the pretense of a humanitarian intervention.

– The US, Saudi Arabia, Israel, NATO, EU, etc. are responsible for funding and arming hundreds of thousands of terrorists from over 80 different countries.-The real aim however behind their false claim of fighting terrorism was “regime change”.

-When that mission failed, they resorted to arming Kurdish militias with an aim to divide and weaken war torn Syria.

-Now that Turkey is clearing out Kurdish militias on their border the US is put in an awkward position. Do they support their NATO ally or their Kurdish militia pawns?

– The US will try to appease both. They will not hinder Turkeys progress on their border. They will continue to support their Kurdish allies in the northeastern region, which is where the majority of their illegal bases are located. This area also happens to be the most oil and agriculturally rich part of the country.

-The Syrian government has vowed to liberate every inch of Syria and expelling Turkey, the US, any and all uninvited foreign terrorists.

-The Syrian people, government, and army have shown extraordinary resistance in the face of a war that was brought to their door.

-Syria’s main allies include Russia, Iran, Hezb Allah.-Syria’s enemies underestimated the Axis of Resistance.

-For over seven years now, Syria has been fighting a powerful battle on behalf of the world against terrorism, imperialism, and zionism.

-This war has cost hundreds of thousands of deaths, created millions of refugees, billions if not trillions in infrastructure destruction.

-Syrians are rebuilding their country, martyrs will forever be mourned and like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Syria will rise again. Syria is the cradle of civilizations and will continue to exist in its glory no matter what external forces try to destroy it.

-A sincere thank you to everyone that has stood by the truth, countered the lies, exposed the perpetrators and called for them to be held responsible for their actions. You are on the right side of history. Your valuable contributions have helped counter the lies and propaganda. Never stop researching, sharing and standing up for the truth!

Written by Sarah Abed on March 29th, 2018

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100% Agree with all the things you mentioned. IS was created too. We never know the reality and hidden truth because of media propaganda.

Excelent!!! I totally agree with you

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very nice