Day 13: Trump Occupation

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It's Day 13 here in America under Trump regime and everything is getting as bad as you would expect. I use the terms occupation and regime because while not physical the attacks on the ideals of what America stands for are just as horrendous as they would be against a physical person. It seems America and world are going to experience what a "reality star" really is. As you can guess I did not vote for this "man". While there have been president have won that I did not support, I never felt they where fundamentally opposed to the what makes America great. I may not have supported their policies but never felt they where intentionally trying to break our country. Today I feel as if I am living in a country that I do not recognize.

I understand the frustrations of the people who voted for this man, but I don't think those that voted understood the harm the were going to inflict to our values by doing so. Voting for this man was like applying chemotherapy to treat a splinter. It does much more damage and does not fix the actual problem at hand.


Replace Putin with Trump, its just as stupid.
I recommend chilling out. Take a toke. Kick back...
As usual, everybody freaks out at election time, but not as usual, about half of the nation is under a delusion that having LESS of a threat of WORLD WAR 3 is a bad thing.
Currently, I'm under the suspicion that few of us anymore understand what an 11,000F degree fireball expanding outward TOWARD YOU at supersonic speeds will do to your "lifestyle"..... think about it. Do you want to wake up one morning and find a few of our cities missing?
Did you notice we were running head first into thermonuclear war prior to the election? Now the insane push for WW3 is simmering down, hopefully it ceases entirely. McCain/Graham are trying their best to keep that ball rolling. I honestly think they should be immediately arrested under the USPA as domestic enemies.
The war hawks even came out and said they were supporting Killery!! McCain, Graham, and their happily murderous cohorts in the CONgress were ALL voting Killery.
That told me all I needed to know.
Hoping Trump keeps us at peace with NUCLEAR POWERS.
It would be nice.

I disagree with you, while Trump may not being doing everything great, he is at least doing pretty much everything he has promised unlike the majority of presidents that were chosen to power. I say chosen, cuz the powers that be "chose" the presidents, before the people have a say in it. Look at George W.Bush, he had the elections rigged in his favour, well not him but they were rigged. They had dead people voting for him.
Anyways, Trump stands for liberty, freedom of expression and a voice of the people. We are sick and tired of electing presidents that dont do anything, nothing happens, the gaps get wider in the economic divide, they lie, cheat and steal their way thru there term. Wars break out for what - more money in the hands of the powers that be. Barack Obamer won a Noble Peace Price after he dropped 26k tons of bombs in the middle east!

Leftists are freaking out cuz Trump is doing things that should of bin done along time ago. And than the mainstream media starts spewing lies as they do, and say hes a racist, bigot, sexist and whatever else cuz they dont want him to succeed.
Kuwait has had a muslim ban since 2011, no one cares, UAE has enuf shelters to support something like 1.5 million people, yet they dont take in a single "refugee".
It doesnt make sense when liberals freak out over this, when alot of other countries already have these rules set in place. But what do I know, Im just another single white male, and no Ive never bin discriminated against (sarcasm)

Unlike America those are closed societies that are on the most in-tolerate of outsiders. What makes America Great is being able to bring diverse people together by common ethos that's not based on race, religion or gender. If you want these bans and changes that Trump is supporting then fine. Just don't call the end result America.

So you d rather have a country full of illegal immigrants, so they can pretty much get away with anything? He wants to protect your borders from criminals, if you wanna migrate to that country legally go for it. But if your gonna say its un american is ridiculous, like I said other presidents have banned countries in the past. The only difference is now theres more stigma against Islam for what they have bin doing in Europe and the USA. Look at Israel they have a wall - no one cares, Obama bans certain citizens - no one cares. Japan is now not accepting immigrants as the PM agrees that taking care of its citizens first is more important - no one cares. So why this hate on for Trump?