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in politics •  2 years ago

Stee & Mit Politics Destroys a Beautiful Friendship


Has there ever been as deep a division in politics as today? Or as much hate and vitriol thrown around?
Just one more month to go, try not to lose too many friends!

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Very nice sketch @ottodv I have one or 2 friends who are interested in politics...I just try to stay as far as I can away from politics.
PS- I am from Romania But I do know about Trump and to be onest he is more scary then those clowns that are on the streets at night trying to scare little girls, because he is the real deal.
If he wins....I will start making a nuclear shelter in my backyard


It's easy to get drawn in to arguments. I have been trying to stay out, but it's hard, and only going to get harder over the next few weeks.

I agree with this post. I'm quite sick of how dividing politics has been, and I've been active for decades until now. I've become a political atheist. Especially these days where people think they believe they know the truth about everything about everything in the world - the arrogance of people no longer allows us to have simple dialog and be comfortable to disagree with each other. But this is what politics has always done - it's about dividing people and making people angry and fight over little stupid things. I wrote about something similar to this here:

Thanks for the post and sketch.


It's sad, but that is what it has turned into, you can barely have a decent, logical discussion without people starting to try to shout each other down. The Internet has made that worse, with people living in their little bubbles, that reinforce their prejudices.
BTW, nice article, I commented there too.