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Rare historical picture of a communist putting his hand in his own pocket. Legend has it never happened again.

Maybe he's actually checking to make sure if someone took his wallet (probably as empty as his soul) ... Theft is only ok when the government does it, the photographer had better keep his hands to himself!

Or, maybe that's where he hides his gun!

In actual fact, that's the 'hidden hand'; a sign of Freemasonry

Karl Marx authorized any means necessary to establish communism. When those inevitably violent means are used to set up states that collapse after killing and enslaving millions, his apologists claim it just "wasn't real communism" and try again. Still to this day.

He cared only about his sick ideology to be introduced to the world. As stated he wanted to accomplish it even if it meant bringing terror and in result killing many people. He is fully responsible for those 100mln people's death because that's exactly what he wanted.

That's why this is the sickest ideology in the world and we should start talking about it. It's outrageous that they are giving him monuments. They've never suffered communism, and now western Europe is becoming more and more neo-Marxist (critical theory, repressive tolerance etc.)

Socialism, (enforced) 'democracy' ... all of these don't seem very far behind either.

Maybe it's just that humans suck.

History has shown that those apologists will sooner or later be the victims of their ideas.



Humans are by nature, self-serving, which inherently clashes with and ultimately corrupts any ideology built on alleged "equality." Practice strays so far from theory because humans aren't oftentimes not rational beings sadly...


our theory is derived from observations of human interaction, nice try though

Hmm interesting - I will have to read this in-depth before articulating any sort of response. thanks for sharing

a nice 40 min video on the functioning of the ussr, which is not covered by the book as it is authoritarian socialism. (Which shows that even if humans are greedy they would want socialism back lmao)

CIA statistics show that its better, ironic

Communism is just the yang to capitalism's yin. Their ideals sparked violent revolutions as they did not consider both sides. Inconsiderate bastards.

Capitalists: "Let's kill all the jews"
Communists: "Let's not kill any"
You, the enlightened centrist: "Let's kill half of them so everybody is happy"

We've been lied to about Nazi-ism and Fascism being Right Wing ideals. The Truth is Nazi-ism, Fascism and Communism are the branches of the same tree - The tree of Socialism.

and that must also be why he privatised national industry, because communism totally isnt worker control of the means of production

ah yes, that must be why one of the first things hitler did once he gained power was slaughter the communists within the country

here is a nice video on it

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