Unconstitutional immigration check points: know your rights, so you will still have them later.

in #politics4 years ago

Florida residents: Know that the entire state of Florida is open season. In an alarmingly unconstitutional search, occupants of a Greyhound bus were detained and interrogated.

"Under federal law, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents may search any vessel, aircraft or vehicle within 100 miles of any border for undocumented immigrants – a distance which includes the entire state of Florida"

Two key court decisions affirm the authority of the Border patrol to operate checkpoints and to question occupants of vehicles about their citizenship, request document proof of immigration status, and make quick observations of what is in plain view in the interior of the vehicle.

HOWEVER... Florida is NOT one of the four states that have a stop and identify law. If asked for an ID in the process of daily life you are not required to show it, or identify yourself. The only time you are required to show ID is if you are detained by an officer with reasonable suspicion that you are committing or have committed a crime. And while we can all agree that the condition of most greyhound busses is a crime, taking a ride in one is not.

That didn't stop authorities from detaining, boarding and interrogating a greyhound bus full of people.


This is a war on people of color. If you are white and don't think this affects you, just wait, it will.

If I ever find myself in this position, I will only speak in Spanish and I will not provide ID. We must resist.

More on the law:


There is a whole body of you tube videos about people who know how to deal with these checkpoints, one guy dresses in hilarious costumes.

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