Subject: Legal possibilities regarding the Hillary Clinton / DNC situation.

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I took time to read all available and original Donna Brazile articles and the publicly known contracts binding between Hillary Clinton, Hillary For America, Hillary Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee.

No matter how morally questionable this arrangement may be, or how it affects the United States and the entire world, unless new information and evidence is discovered and presented, I don’t currently see enough to suggest that a crime was committed. Certainly I don’t see enough at this moment to get a conviction.

Whether it was legal or not, all parties entered into the agreement and executed the agreement in a binding manner as if it was legal. That’s what financial comprises do.

The money laundering process in which the funds were handled and distributed was legal according to the party bylaws and Federal laws. Hillary Clinton is a lawyer. She did this legally.

It may feel like fraud. But it may not actually be fraud in the sense of a crime being committed, at this time.

While juggling to ignore Donna Brazile’s unproven Russian claims and assess her comments about Seth Rich’s murder, I don’t see enough evidence that adds definition to those events at this time.
There are two public figures with the missing evidence. One is boxed in an Ecuadorian embassy in London while the other is boxed in Middle Earth, New Zealand. And they are still not releasing all their alleged information because they are legally and corporately compromised at this moment.

That said, let’s also look at some alleged facts.

  1. Hillary Clinton had decision control of the entire Democratic National Committee months before she announced her candidacy for President of the United States.

  2. Hillary Clinton did not tell the other candidates of this compromised situation.

  3. The records of all digital communication were to be destroyed after 30 days

  4. The American people were not made aware of a major compromise to their democratic right to elect a candidate for President of the United States.

  5. Wikileaks has already shown through the DNC leaks that there was an unwholesome compromise toward Hillary Clinton. Millions of dollars in donations from Americans were taken into campaign funds for their chosen candidate that were unknowingly put in an unwinnable position.

  6. It is impossible for the agreed arrangement between Hillary Clinton, Hillary For America, Hillary Victory Fund and the Democratic National Committee to actually be legal in the manner it was executed if an unbiased Federal election process is also legal. The two cannot coexist.

  7. There is admitted intent through different channels to prove election bias toward Hillary Clinton.

That said, and with current levels of information available to the public as of November 4th, 2017, the most probable direction to seek justice is a class action lawsuit against the DNC and Hillary Clinton and the corporate agencies of Hillary Clinton, by registered Democrats first, the supporters who donated to the other Democratic candidates, the American citizens, corporations that were compromised by Hillary Clinton’s DNC victory and Presidential election loss, and all human and corporate entities around the world that were compromised by Hillary Clinton’s DNC victory and Presidential election loss.

I reserve the right to edit and correct this article as new information or incorrect statements or incorrect innuendos I have made present itself to me.
Happy trails.

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