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Donald Trump: Can A Leopard Really Change its Spots?

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Listen, @siclone23, if you think the election is rigged, you also have to believe all the polls are rigged. If the election results reflects the late October early November polls, + the exit polls, and the October poll are clearly related to the September polls, the logical implication is all the polls are lies to support the rigged election results. You tell yourself the election is rigged because it supports your other core beliefs which would be harder to believe if the elections were not rigged. Jeb Bush is a rich man, he was backed by a super pack that raised a hundred million dollars from the GOP establishment, that didn't get him through the primary. Trump says the elections will be rigged to undermine the system because that's the kind of guy he is. Take off the tinfoil hat.

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Good reply, actually I do believe all of the polls are rigged @laconicflow. My other core beliefs are mere facts that have been stated, I'm sure you have your own as well. I can almost bet my last dollar that you are not a minority, so it is impossible for you to know what they experience. I just named off a few of the reasons why he might not be the best person to pick for the presidency. If people found out that the polls were rigged there would be an uprising, that is why it is kept secret.

For what it is worth, when suppression has been ongoing for centuries, people get kind of fed up. I know it probably doesn't affect you as it has others, but last time I checked I put my pants on the same way you do. What I mean is, equality should be a main focus for any candidate, not division. We have to get out of the mentality that cultural core beliefs exist and accept the truth. I'm convinced money will decide this presidency, not you or I, well at least not a person who is a minority and poor.