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RE: Choosing the Battleground

in #politics7 years ago

True. Not to mention the media is controlled and the information we get is what we are allowed to get... therfore making an "informed decision/vote" is almost impossible!


I have often wondered if this is why we get half the news we do get. Transgendered bathrooms etc..... just to obscure the real goings on. Crazy world.

You WONDER? I, for one, am sure that is the case.

It makes me wonder exactly how much is twisted and changed before we get it... 25%, 50%, 90%? Scary stuff...

I'm quite sure that that's the case. I mean, would that kind of stuff even make the news in a sane world?

Not to mention how we are suppose to believe the central banks are the employees while they are the ones writing the checks to the Governments

True, nice point

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