I Interviewed Ron Paul Yesterday - Here's What Happened!

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So I wanted to give everyone another chance to see my latest interview with Dr. Ron Paul, the former congressman, host of The Liberty Report and of course legend of the liberty movement.

I'd posted the video last night on Steemit but for an interview with Ron Paul, it got a rather small amount of notice here on Steemit. My recent interview with Robert Kiyosaki nearly brought in a thousand dollars but an interview with Ron Paul got like $10. LOL

Dr. Paul and I spoke about the enslavement of the monetary system and how close we truly are to a dollar crash. We spoke about a cashless society and how a centrally planned digital system could be implemented as well as how we can protect ourselves.
We also spoke about false flags and the delusion of the Russia collusion narrative as his son Senator Rand Paul is being accused by John McCain of being a Russian agent for not agreeing to add Montenegro to NATO.

Finally, Dr. Paul tells us how we can bring people to the message of voluntaryism and away from this collectivist mindset we see today.

You can see the FULL video interview here:

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I don't know how anyone can possibly NOT love Ron Paul! :P


The illuminati for one ;)


I call them "the powers that shouldn't be."

Ron Paul helped awaken a lot of people. He really did create a rEVOLution! No matter what happens too, he will always be known as a champion of liberty.

People should pay close attention to his warnings though.

War is coming; It may be nuclear.

If you do not have your affairs in order, you had better get it done sooner than later. Don't listen to people like me either. Listen to people like Ron Paul.


won't happen my friend not world war atleast, isolated yes, but not worldly.


I hope you're right and I'm wrong.


great interview josh, he's always been one of my favorites. I even released this song on YouTube back in 2008 trying to spread the "Ron Paul Message"...


Ron Paul is the REASON I got involved in crypto! I have him to thank for me questioning things enough to even trust something like Bitcoin back in 2010!


These guy is awesome love him too

Awesome! Ron Paul is truly the only living politician I admire. He may not have lit the fire of liberty in me, but he kept it burning for many years and that's a debt I will never be able to repay.


I once was at a rally for him and I felt tears come unbidden. I was shocked to hear truth, and see a man telling it like it was and not just telling people what they wanted to hear. It was something I'd pessimistically never thought to hear, and it brought me to tears. For me he is a personal hero. One of the few I'd give that label to.

EDIT: He moved me enough that I was a delegate for him 2008 and 2012.


I was similarly moved by this man and those campaigns and even signed up as a delegate. Never once in the last fifty years of systematic, mass propaganda BS on steroids could I feel even the slightest sentiment of patriotism. With Ron Paul it was profound and palpable, touching to the core.


True that, I believe Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney are the only ones I have seen pressuring Ben Bernanke and the Fed after the last financial collapse of 2008-2009.


Ron Paul was the first to open my eyes truly and for that I thank him. What a great man.


HolySmoke! ... So true !!


Real American hero!

hhaha awesome. how did you get an interview setup?


Thanks! :)
I asked! He saw a few of my videos, liked them and agreed to do it!

Enjoyed and upvoted you thank you. Glad you re-posted it as i missed it first time. Do you know how much he advises people as a minimum to aspire to hold in each of gold and silver and where he believes one should buy it? Hold the actual metas an store them in a bank safe? Keep them in a swiss bank? Buy them on a blockchain through the Royal Mint's new method? Some other way?


Phys in your pocket,
No doubt about it!


Storage is a vast subject with many ramifications. Not a bank vault because everything within a bank is subject to regulation and intervention (and it's not really yours). It requires research. If your home is your castle you can keep it in a safe place at home. Most people have never touched real money and it makes them a little giddy. You should begin to accumulate and you will discover how much, where to keep it and much more.


Agreed! Definitely do not store anything in a traditional bank vault. There are private non-bank vaults however if you have enough precious metals to justify the costs.


If you are not wealthy then the best way is to buy some bullion from a trustworthy merchant and keep it in your house in a safe.


There are a lot of details missing in that advice, but I agree. How exactly people store it is important.


As a residential security expert, this is one topic I've researched heavily. If people want any help with strategies to secure their home and the treasures they keep within it, please follow me and look me up to ask direct questions. I'll help as my time allows!

Ron Paul is too smart for school.. Brave man! He is actually a physician and had a private practice in obstetrics and gynecology:) Nice interview btw:) His view on the stock market is obviously not right. The gold price has not kept up with CPI (1 dollar in 1800 now 11,17, CPI 13,37), while 1 dollar invested with dividends reinvested 7,47 mil (from Jeremy Siegel: Stocks for the Long Run). I do not know the numbers after we got the fiat system. I guess gold at least has outperformed the CPI. This view on Russia is hilarious. Love your view on cash less society. Sweden is working with that now.. Look what happen to them. Next time we get an ID-tag on our head so we can get scanned throughout the day. Steem on!

I was just reading about Ron Paul wanting to abolish the FED. Glad to see this interview on Steem this is HUGE @joshsigurdson! keep crushing it!

Speaking of dollar bondage, today in my country many people do not have a minimum income of $ 5, then does the government care? The answer is no.
Today with the presence of steemit many people feel helped his economy.
Robert C tyosaki can only give words based on theory but the fact is very difficult for everyone to follow stepnya.Bencagi you are a good master.I will be your followers

You know when i started on steemit. I never know this community had such givers and people who like to think outside the box in order to reach people with a bigger voice that really matters. Great post brother and im really glad so much steemians are making a difference and effecting a change that will soon be here.

Great work on the video. I agree with Dr.Paul on the idea that society and individuals will need to protect their monetary assets and will turn to the blockchain for that particular kind of salvation.
I hope that his son will block the effort of S.1241 and fight against the war against cryptocurrencies in the Senate.

I may not know who this man is, but what I could tell from the comments above is: the man is a good man and a wonderful politician.

I do like to see people with good credibility.

Wooowww this is incredible what you get is really amazing I really like congratulations for you I hope you are always successful in steemit, this is a surprising achievement I am very happy to see it, would you share my post or upvete and follow if you want I feel very happy May you always success, Thank you very much for you

I noticed this on Facebook and looked for it on steemit yesterday too watch it here but I must have looked like an hour too early. Upvoted both posts.


Thank you! I appreciate it! :)


No problem. Keep up the great work.

They don't make them like Ron Paul anymore. Love the post.


I agree! Thanks!

John McCain needs to retire into oblivion


He's got a retirement home waiting for him in hell. lol


Yes, the space is reserved and fully paid for

What a great interview josh. I love Ron Paul. He is such a clear and straight character. no blabla ^^ just facts


Thank you! It was an honor to talk with him! :)

Great work bro!
Love these videos.


Thank you! Happy to make them! :)

"Don't steal - the government hates competition!"
(Ron Paul)

Great interview! I really respect Ron Paul. Following.

This is an excellent interview, Josh. I mean your part. Your interventions are very valuable, and original. Congratulations.
Keep bringing the liberty people to Steemit, they will end up resonating here.


Thank you! Happy to do it! :)

I like how you presented steem at the end. Keep the good work.


Always do! Thank you! :)

This man is a national treasure, he should be the president. Cheers


The presidency is just another puppet on the stage. Ron Paul knows that of course. His campaign was done to highlight the absurdity of it all though and to awaken more people to the truth. I'll always admire him for doing what he did too. He's a hero of liberty.

Congrats for being the no 1 in the trending list.
so sad that btc drop so much, if not you will gain mare that 700 bucks!

Thank you for sharing on such informative post.It is good to implement and enhance the digital system and promote the cashless society since it is the trend nowadays. It can provide a more convenient way for people to spend their money and I hope there will be more discussion about this issue to let more people

It's a good interview. I agree with much of it....The solution needed most is the distribution of the money supply. It needs to be dispersed to all equally at creation instead of being given to the banksters first. This will solve the equal opportunity issue and along with equal distribution of currency at creation ( preferably a debt free coin); a new education system needs to be implemented​ teaching financial and ecological literacy...
The only thing I disagree with in this interview is on his medical stance. The primary needs of all individuals: housing, food, education, and health care do need to be addressed in​ a socially​ responsible​ collective way. Demonizing the words social and collective is silly because humans are social animals living collectively in groups...He's dead on,​ though, that it is The Corporatocracy which is the primary driver of most of the dysfunction​ when it comes to many of these issues.


Collectivism is the antithesis of everything Ron Paul stands for. Please go to www.mises.org and start reading the daily articles. They will introduce you to a trove of thinkers in the Austrian School of Economics, which Paul is from.
Collectivism is subjugating the individual to the whole, which actually doesn't exist as a living organism. Collectivism is tyranny against the individual. It says that one owes something of one's labor or property to someone else. Take health care for example, if health care is a "right," then what happens if no one wants to go into medicine? The state would have to conscript people into the field. That is slavery. Health care is therefore not a right, nor is food, education, or anything outside of the integrity of your person and property.


Oh, please, I was reading Mises 20 years ago. How presumptuous! Mr. Paul is simply wrong on issues pertaining to humanities basic needs ( please read where I said he is correct). A socialized currency issued equally to all in a non-debt manner​ would solve the issue...Why did you misrepresent my saying humanities basic needs with human​ rights?
And please, go somewhere else if you want to argue this tired old capitalist/communist trope...Bored to death of it.....


I apologize. Happy to agree to disagree about basic needs.


Do you think trillions of dollars given freely to about 2000 oligarchs is in anyway merited? The money for nothing making the casino owners who run civilization enormously wealthy via vast systems of unmerited wealth? Do you give these people a free pass while so easily denying and dismissing the basic needs of humanity? Please read Abraham Maslow. Everyone is capable of becoming healthy and functional as long as the foundational issues of their life are met. Mises and Paul, on this issue, are wrongly transferring a false understanding of Darwinism into the field of economics and especially, Mr. Paul has an extraordinarily faulty understanding of The Golden Rule--the only thing that really mattered from our mythological past.......
Thanks for the apology.....
BTW, in agrarian societies, those needs were met by having 'free' access to the land; in complex modern societies those needs can only really be met by money; hence the equal distribution of the money supply to all at creation. This will solve the problem of the Pyramid Scheme Central Banking Swindle.....See, I sound just like Ron on that one:)


I'm also curious: as a mother, if you are one, at which point did you decide that one or some of your children didn't have to have their basic needs met?
Because, hypothetically, one of your children could have a chemical imbalance which is prone to one becoming a psychopath? So you starve this child instead of​ seeking medical​ help? And I could offer up thousands of justifications for starving one's​ child....It doesn't make it a healthy ethos....

Smart man, he tells it like it is no matter what!!
Great video.
Blessings to you!!

My favorite part of Ron Paul is his critique of military escapades and meddling, and his support of a humble foreign policy.


.... and his critique of corporate welfare.

up vote nothing more

I feel like he is the only sane one left in the house. Janet Yellen has lost her mind.

Be honest no matter what and tell whats right for ppl.

Thanks Rom Paul and of cours u @joshsigurdson

ohh I guess you havent felt the burn yet!! But his is quite good!

Nice conversation, upvoted

nice postt

Incredible friend best regards from me@abupasi.alachy

Thank you so much for this intelligent and informative post. I do believe that I need to follow, upvote and resteem your goodness! My gawd I love Libertarians!


I followed you just because you love Ron Paul!


Awesome!!! Great content dude keep up the good stuff!

Ron Paul brought me to the message of Liberty when I saw him debate the Neocons during the Republican Presidential debate in 08. He exposed those guys for the warmongering liars they truly are like nobody had done before. Ron Paul is badass mo fo!

It will be a change every cadre of the society must key into for better posterity stand out

I love Ron, if everybody in congress was 1% like him, we wouldn't go into the mess we are headed for and sitting in.

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts. Up-voted: hope you will visit my blog

i amm sorry but i dont who the Ron Paul iss....Upvoted...

wow, interview is a intelligence and a skill. you are very nice and good writing skill.

Hi ! good ideas of yours

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate I have ever been genuinely excited to vote for. I personally wish he would just keep running for president every four years with a campaign that never stopped regardless of who was in office. I am still on the fence about his son, we will see what he develops into in the long run. Great post, thanks!

Enjoyed this interview, following.

you did a great job and for those who don't know ron paul

Ronald Ernest "Ron" Paul, born August 20, 1935, is an American politician, member of the Republican Party, representing Texas in the House of Representatives from 1976 to 1977, from 1979 to 1985, and finally from 1997 to 2013.
great job man


Upvoted your comment because I feel the same way!

this is really awesome

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Did you not ask him if he knows Steemit? I would love to have the leader of modern day libertarianism on our platform...

Congratulations @joshsigurdson!
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Upvoted and followed, thanks for sharing! WRT McCain's accusation against Dr. Rand Paul that he's a Russian agent because he doesn't vote the way McCain wants -- well, he should respond with "you can't prove your accusation. However, I can accuse you of being a satanic agent, and I have photographic proof." :)


And, after having watched it, I much prefer Dr. Ron Paul's response -- "they should just be laughed at, they lose credibility". Like how Charles DuMarr responded to the jock at the high school dance, in "Better Off Dead"... :)


Best. Teen. Movie. Eva!

I love Ron Paul. Iwish we have more politicians like him.

Everyone loves him so my much.
He's a great guy!
Nice post, upvoted and reesteem'D :)

Ilike it ..

followback please, Iam new here

A righteous humanoid. WE ARE ALL RON PAUL! 🤖⚠️🤖


Yours Truly,


@Joshsigurdson It was truly awesome. Congratulations. I am absolutely proud of you and that Steemians are doing such a wonderful job. Your tone, pitch and representation was absolutely perfect and impressive. Moreover Dr. Paul is a brilliant man, to be admired for his experience and expertise. Keep up the good work.
Best Regards.

It's really awesome and cool @joshsigurdson

Thank for sharing .. I'll be waiting the next articel from you

He is a real man.

@joshsigurdson this is so great. Upvotes and followed
Thnks @esteem @naseerbhat

Ron Paul is such an inspiration to many of us. He speaks the truth and really cares about the population...

Thanks for sharing your interview here so I could also see it @joshsigurdson

Have a wonderful weekend further.

lots of love,

A wonderful post, upvote and follow!

God knows how things would be now, if he was president...

nice content,
welcome all

Great post!

Fantastic !! Just found your page... Following, and Resteemed.. I voted for Ron Paul back in the Day .. if only he could have Won; we would have had some Real CHANGE ... Thanks for Posting ...

  • Liberty for ALL ..

  • Never Sacrifice Freedom for ANYTHING !!!!


He wasn't going to win, and he knew that beforehand. He was trolling the establishment. :) It was a beautiful sight to see regardless!

I always liked Ron Paul, it's a shame he didn't make it farther in the election.


How it like being Will Smiths son?

interesting post... follow you... follow back

This man should have been President a long time ago!!

I like this guys, and i llove this your post, now i follow you, and i always following your post... @yusrizal

LOVE THIS.... LOVE RON PAUL.... LOVE YOU FOR POSTING! Thank you @joshsigurdson

Was enjoyed very much , and great interview !

By watching your video my insights are growing, yes even with cuteness, hahaa ...
You are brilliant ...
I am amazed at you ...

*** me @alanmirza looking forward to your next interview.***

Gonna watch when I get home! Who know she what direction my life would have gone if I didn't find Ron Paul.

Love Ron Paul

awesome article thanks

He is a living legend, I really admire him. Please check his latest interview on Time for 'Real Revolution '; Way Too Much Bipartisanship, Both Parties Believe In Same Policies.

what a crazy man

Wonderful interview. Listening to Ron Paul is always a joy. You can tell this system is corrupted because he is the only politician who was true to his role. He represented maximum liberty to the people. The career glory seeking politicians only wanted more money and more power. Ron Paul couldn't possibly fit in with people like that.

He's more effective speaking liberty and educating people here on the internet. I will forever be grateful like many others for being enlightened by this man. If I hadn't come across him I probably wouldn't have made it here! Thank you for being an inspiration Ron Paul!

thanks for sharing

Awesome you got to interview him. I would love to @joshsigurdson I will follow you

amazing guy. i agree with him on the dollar. the future is crypto indeed.

Ron Paul is the leader worth paying attention to. Thank you so much for sharing and congrats on the great interview!

I think steem or something like it has the potential to be better than GOLD and metals. It as far as a crypto currency is actually backed by something. It is backed by our ideas, and creations. That to me is some of the most valuable things that can be backing something.

This guy is great. Speaks the truth unlike most politicians.

Ron Paul is the man. I like Robert K also, but RP needs to get over $1k! I upvoted and resteemed.

I always upvote the great Dr. Ron Paul!! Can someone help me get the Liberty Report posted here on Steemit? I'm sure one of our whales knows him. :-)

Omg this is so cool! I think your posts are interesting coz you get to interview people.
Robert Kiyosaki is more popular as his books is more relevant to our 9-6 job and trying to escape the rat race haha

Thank you for the information you provided.
So I can know how the world is progressing now.
Because every time information is always changing.
Once again I thank you very much.

thanks friends for this nice post,and steemit has removed my grief

I hope he sees in his life time the fed get audited

lol what a guy

I hope... I will be like him.
Be a good man and be a inspiration for many people in the word.

Please follow me too.