HERE IT IS! My Second Interview With Ron Paul!

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Hey everyone! So I posted my most recent interview with Dr. Ron Paul last night and it didn't seem to get noticed here on Steemit, so I figured I'd post it again for everyone!

I interviewed Dr. Paul on a whole host of issues. From North Korea and a potential Gulf Of Tonkin type false flag to bring the US into war to a global currency, the coming crash of the US dollar, the MASSIVE housing bubbles we see throughout the United States, gold & silver as well as Rand Paul following the brutal assault at the hands of his neighbor.

I seemed to have posted a little late last night and this is most likely why my post brought in $12 dollars. lol I appreciate every upvote, but after all, this is Ron Paul! ;)

You can see the FULL interview here:

Thank you and stay tuned for more from WAM! Don't forget to Upvote & Follow! :)

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My first post on Steemit! So glad to see a fresh interview with Dr. Ron Paul here on my first day. I am loving it already. <3

Thank you and welcome to Steemit! :)

I watch all your videos, keep up the good work!

Well, Dr Paul is the only American politician that I respect (his son not considered).

Thank you for amazing interview! :)

His son is... complicated.

Thanks for sharing these important news with us all! Great work!!!

"Find the Truth, be the change.", what a powerful way to end your talks.

Namaste :)

Yeah, the "feed" is still less than perfect here. I missed it last night, not sure I would have found it this morning without the repost. So thanks for the repost! The r3VOLution continues... untelevised. :)

Not a problem! This happened last time I interviewed him. Made $10 so I reposted it the next day and made over a thousand in upvotes. haha Nudging my way back to top trending post on Steemit again! :P
Thanks for watching! :)

Missed this last night @joshsigurdson, thanks for the repost. Great interview watching it now. Thank you.

Thank you! It was a pleasure to do. Ron Paul's an incredibly nice man. :)

I noticed it. Upvoted for the second time now! Hopefully this interview will bring WAM a bigger audience!

Thank you for interviewing the good doctor. If I may ask, how did you secure this interview? Well done and solid questions. Cheers!

Being in media for many years, I thankfully have a lot of connections. :) So basically, I just emailed him. We've done an interview before.
Thanks for watching!

I was going to ask the same question lol sounds like you have made quite a name and positioned yourself well in your field of work. This was very informative and thanks for the good content. Definitely following you and upvoting. looking forward to see more content from you! Wish you much success in the years to come!

Ron Paul is the man!!!

Nice post.. I would be happy with a $12 post. Does someone really send you crypto when you put this at the end of your post.

Brother, actually you have to take this idea to this post, I like it

Thank you so much for such a nice article. Helpful......

Thanks for sharing your second such classic and exclusive interview with Ron Paul

I watched everything you posted it was fabulous

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Great interview. Keep up the good work. Feed was not the best but the audio was clear.

@jamesc @dan @ned @fulltimegeek, thought you guys would be interested. :)
Also trying to get Ron Paul on Steemit btw. Would be HUGE! ;)

Ron is the greatest!

nice for all, best of luck bro
@followed and upvoted for you

I already watch all your videos, best of luck
@followed and upvoted for you

That is why he could never become president. He was too real. I can't say I agree with everything he stands for, but I respect the fact that he stands on principle, fairness and sanity.

Ron Paul my man! I want him to start smoking weed and wearing straw hats and stuff.

Josh, I watched your video on alternatives to the banking system. What would you personally choose as a means of removing yourself from the banking system?

BTW congrats on getting to speak with Ron Paul so often. The man is a legend.


Ron Paul is one of the people that introduced me to doubt of government influence in the economy and at first I thought his concerns were unwarranted but the more I invested the more I realise the evidence supports concern and efforts by interested parties to seek reform.

Thanks for posting

good job.

I just saw first interview on steem.. Loved it very much.

Great interview with my favourite Libertarian! Upvoted, resteemed and followed.

your post is so helpful...........
please upvote, comment, and follow me I'm going to follow you

I don't agree with how Ron Paul is describing it around 3:48pm. We the People are NOT demanding government intrusion in all aspects of our life. We live in a Republic/oligarchy. We the People or allowing it

He means "we the people"--you know... Assholes. Those who do not render their just consent are "us guys" or "guys like us".

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