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in politics •  2 months ago 

The American magazine Newsweek published an article describing the how the United States is rattling its sabers in response to Russia sending 100 soldiers to Venezuela in support of Nicolás Maduro's regime.

As an antiwar libertarian, I have several responses to this:

  1. John Bolton needs to go. His neoconservative agenda involves starting wars to promote American domination wherever possible.
  2. Maduro is on his way out, soon, with or without U.S. intervention. His socialist central planning has irreversibly run his version of Venezuela into the ground. The people no longer support him, and Russia is not going to be successful in propping him up.
  3. Juan Guaidó is also a leftist, a fact that seems to be left out of the conversation.
  4. Sergey Lavrov is not wrong about what he says about the United States.
  5. What Russia is doing is largely in response to what the United States has already done.
  6. For an alleged "puppet of Putin," Trump isn't following orders very well. :)
  7. The US should get the hell out of this entire situation and stay out, or it's going to get us involved in yet another foreign war and cost us countless American lives.
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