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RE: S-teem is a censor-shi-p chain, informationwar lost most of its support on Ste-em

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We're watching STEEM die on the vine. So grateful for H-VE, continuing giving us a voice and preserving a lot of hard work.


Been hoping, but powering down...nothing works well here.

How do I convert to hive crypto?


some of us are not permitted to comment on the hive front end!
Steem will grow and hive will die because the same people who are attempting to kill steem are now running hive into the ground. Its the same team that screwed Steem over who now have even more power over the Hive Platform lol

Disappointing, I will keep posting, but may move to other crypto entirely. A non censored platform seems like a simple thing, but man's evil nature continues to be a problem!

I guess I need to rush my blog setup, and forget these platforms....


I think having two chains may be a positive thing for both.
There seems to be a lot less Flag abuse here on the Steem after the HF and a little less on Hive.

I am thinking that users can use this as leverage to make both chains better and less restrictive.
I notice that Steem has lost the ability to send private encrypted memos while Hive still has that function.

Maybe if people start talking to the witnesses here we can get back that function. It seems important to me.
Maybe if people are not happy about the dust tax on small accounts we could get that changed on one or both chains. I think that would be huge for new users who are unable to invest. what do you think ?

I will wait and see, but I am being censored on steemit now. That is usually fatal, much worse than just flagging.

I notice that my palnet links are severed too, making me manually post here.

Steemit also no longer runs on my Linex desktop, so I am reduced to a smartphone.

Weku, uptennd, and palnet are my primary blogpost. Mind and hive seem to run okay, with steem on life support. But I still post what I can here.


You can use Ionomy, easy to signup for a wallet, anonymous and they trade in both h*ve and steem, as well as bitcoin and most other cryptos as well!

Thanks, I will look at it. In the intrim, I will keep posting on pslnet, weku, uptennd, and mind.


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