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RE: An age of Medusa: the syndrom of overprotective mother enters politics

in #politics5 years ago

And the sad thing is that there isn't a Father figure in our modern society, it's been killed in 1968.

Maybe it's gonna change. I've found mine - it's quite possible that this man will lead the way. For me he is the first (as so far the only) man who is able to define what my western civilization is all about.


By the way, thanks for the support on the dana edwards article. I'm still being replied by Wikipedia Warriors , now they are talking about the Holy Inquisition. Can they ever talk about the present? History is a great buffet where they can cherry-pick the events of centuries ago, they can never see that western civilisation evolved from the mistakes of the past, but "others" didn't. Will they be ever able to talk about the "today" and not about "yesterday".

Yeah, that's what ideology does: it never gives you the full picture. Always only one side of the story.

The most worrying thing is that intellectually those are not stupid people. They know how to argue their case and can be very persuasive. For me they are like very smart zombies.

They attack you because in their eyes you're the predator which wants to hurt their "children". And the funny thing is the patronizing aspect: how disrespectful it must be for adult immigrants to be treated like defenceless babies.

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