[Hae-Joo] The Dialectics of Transformation : Smart Evolution [Part 4.1 : Alternatives to Transhumanism : The Aquapolis]

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Smart Evolution


Alternatives to Transhumanism



As the technocratic corporatocracy continues to sprawl, further monopolizing and weaponizing technology for the purposes of population control (suppression of dissent and reduction in population growth), social engineering (the conditioning of behavior and desire), and societal re-organization (the deconstruction of modern socio-cultural norms and politico-economic legal systems and their replacement with whatever ideological expediencies follow the diktats of the techno-liberal era); committed dissidents grow in class consciousness, and experiments in resistance through the development of voluntary and alternative economic, political and economic initiatives begin to take root.

It starts out with grass-roots movements calling for localization, decentralization, and degrowth.

These divergent segments of society are increasingly willing to trade their dwindling purchasing power, vested in the globalized economy, in order to develop and over-time foster relations of trust with like-minded, mutually-aiding partners (be they extremely local like neighbors, or somewhat local like contacts in similar regions, or even partners across the globe who are willing to cooperate in a direct manner).



Experiments with drone logistics and drone delivery explode, pioneered by tech-giants (Amazon) who seek to monopolize the technology for their own purposes, but which quickly seep into the hands of these increasingly "anti-system" communities (who see themselves in direct competition with the corporate powers-that-be…)

The mass-proliferation of drone-technology capable of delivering goods not only makes many logistics and transports jobs redundant (not least of all because of driverless vehicles on roads), it also becomes one of the great contention points during the 21st century as the question of air-space, radar and other issues come-up to regulate air-traffic and control the ever-growing presence of flying robots buzzing in all directions.

Members of these communities, aided by decentralized platforms, begin to build new-forms of commercial networks. Drones now connect many individual social units where production is localized. They go on rounds and can deliver DIY, home-made, local-products within set-geographical areas. Trade of locally-produced, specially-made goods starts to increase. A neo-barter system makes a real come-back, aided and abided by cryptocurrencies.

The design, engineering, development, and production of these drones, as well as their sustainability and maintenance, is crowd-funded and made possible via crypto-currencies and smart-contracts, which are able to commission these robots for delivery services.

The platforms make it possible for a cheese-farmer on the outskirts of a smart-grid 2030City to remain disconnected from the smart-grid, yet to trade his home-made goods with members within the geographical space that is covered by local decentralized drones.

These drones work on a blockchain, so that the appropriate fees are levied for each delivery, so that the code remains open-source, and their programming would be immutable (node-operators validating transactions)

Of course, these drones are used to facilitate "crime" (notably terrorism and drug-smuggling among other law-infringing enterprises) and eventually their usage becomes quite tightly regulated. People grow tired of the repression and intervention of the corporation’s (and whatever form of authority backs up their crafty monopolization of the technology).

So people, who have accumulated quite a bit of know-how, tech and capital through crypto-currency, crowd-funding, and the radical transferring of knowledge supported by a free and glowingly decentralized and self-generated internet begin to work on very interesting projects.

The First Floating Cities : Air, Sea, And Submarine Cities


The Return of the Polis : Cities Built On Oceans.

The Aquapolis

A New, Free, Open and Voluntaryist Society


To contrast the creepy nature of the corporate smart-cities popping up everywhere from East Asia to Arabia to North America, these floating-cities are built using the very same networked, data-tracking technology being implemented in the big cities. The only difference is that power is democratically allocated according to the principles of direct democracy.

Political decision-making, resource allocation and rationing, law and order, the crypto-ostrakons (ostracizing/banishing), citizenship, rights and privileges, union and alliance, cessation: all forms of social contract are based on the power of individual vote, not stake or vested interest. However, the maritime-polis system really ranges from the most affluent, vast, complex, centralized, highly-regimented, hierarchical kind of societies (a floating Singapore) to small-scale solar panel and on-deck hydroponic permaculture green-houses equipped fishing platforms. This system can accommodate almost any means of ideology, lifestyle, power-distribution…

By the end of the 21st century, whole hosts of Maritime City-States (The Aquapolis) begin to self-organization via their voluntary participation and integration in Federations. This allows for the organization of society as complex-interdependence proliferates.


A new era of spiritual, technological, and aesthetic achievement is ushered in. The first truly peaceful societies, which have all the power to control who can become a member of their collective, and can come up with their own rules for resolving disputes and conflicts, begin to emerge. There is no need for slavery and class-inequality because robotics can take care of many of the menial and degrading tasks of every-day life.

Some of the cities are simply built upon artificial islands, others are truly-floating and protected by artificial harbors, some are part submarine, part-floating... These cities are only-limited by human ingenuity.


Though these Aquapolis range from the most elitist and achievement-driven societies to the most chill and easy-going, with some quite degenerate and poorly conceived polis floating around, the presence of voluntary federations seek to promote a system of harmonious order, with little-to-no hierarchy and authority, as everything that can possibly be delegated down to the level of the individual is.


Piracy and other forms of sea-violence are mitigated by an association of the most powerful polis, and the principle of self-defence. The risk then comes from two-directions: warmongering between city-states, and the eventual clashes with the corporate NWO.

An Antediluvian Renaissance

By this point in time, a significant portion of mankind has embraced a return to the classical values of true and untainted human civilization, an antediluvian renaissance of sorts, with the resurgence of aesthetics, philosophy and art surpassing our modern fascination with science. Increasingly, the highest status of society is reserved for those who are wise, talented, skilled, deep, fascinating, and so...

Aquapolistic civilization, a world built on the freedom of the seas, resembles a neo-Hellenic world.

The NWO, led by a singular corporation as powerful as the Emperor of Persia three-thousand years ago, claims the right to rule all of the world, including the seas. A real technological arms race determines much of the course of the next 200 years as we fully immerse ourselves in the new Astrological Age.

Connectable, floating, consensus-built blockchain cities. Welcome to the age of...




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A great combination of words and elaborate description. Thanks for sharing such a great vision.

Thank you hitbitman

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