Left vs Right, Democrat vs Republican, Black vs White, Rich vs Poor, and the illusion...

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The greatest magic show on Earth has been going on for some time. It has happened in the realm of politics. My examples in the title are United States specific, but I believe you can make substitutions that likely will work for any country.

The reality is those are illusions. In reality this is all the State vs the State and the populace just gets sucked into the spinning vortex of this illusory battle. The easiest way I can demonstrate this is to have you lift your two hands in front of you. Now have those two hands start having a mock battle with each other. Your left hand is evil, No, your right hand is evil. Your left hand flipped me off, while your right hand did an obvious Nazi salute. All of the time we blissfully become unaware that they are parts of the same entity and controlled by the same entity.

We fall for the same illusions over and over again. They will use different topics of misdirection, and they'll recycle tried and true methods of creating division. It is much like a rigged wrestling match where the wrestlers discuss which round they plan to end the match, and how they are going to do it before the match has even begun.

The thing that can be easy to forget while they prance puppets around in front of us on the national and international stages is that these puppets come and go. There are however, people, businesses, etc that ALWAYS have an influence on these puppets. For these powerful outside influences there is no term limit. In fact, due to having puppets they can operate through they can easily stay very much in the shadows. They can finance to stir up hate for one of the puppets. Perhaps the populace will be angered and shout for the death or assassination of the puppet. All the while those that always seem to be there in the shadows sit back and laugh. "It worked again!" They even fund education and recycle the same arguments that have already happened historically many times.

We (I say we because most of the population applies) go along with it and we blindly, or at least willfully get sucked into their reenactments, plays, and facades. Whether it is "Kill X he/she is horrible!" or whether it is blaming "X" for all the current woes and bad things in the world, or country, even when those things existed before X was involved. We are constantly distracted by the shadow magician waving hands in front of our face. We keep fixating on what they are holding in their hands and we don't pay attention to them.

Just like a stage magician who is skilled at misdirection and thus can use that to manipulate a crowd, so too have these shadow entities become at manipulating the masses in a very real and not pleasant way.

Most of our conflicts around the world would likely die off and cease to be much of an issue if these people didn't keep funding dumping mental gasoline on the fires that if left alone would go out on their own. Most wars between nations are not things that actually interest the citizens of those nations. They only are a stage upon which the shadows can perform their play and manipulate their puppets in the acts, while also using misdirection and emotional triggers to captivate and control the audience.

I did not pick any sides here. That is the entire point. The sides largely are a sham. It is all about divide and conquer. We have been divided for a long time, and when things seem to be settling down some new divisionary movement will eventually appear and start fanning the embers of the dying flames again. There is a saying. It is "Follow the money" and there actually may be no truer statement I am aware of to explain what actually appears to be going on if you really dig.

This also transcends the entire dictatorship, democracy, republic, capitalism, socialism, and communism thing as those operating from the shadows don't care which of these we use as long as they can continue to influence and call the shots from the shadows.

They also don't care about religion, skin color, etc except as the useful tool for division they are. They use them much like a teeter totter, or pendulum so that it is popular to advocate for one while bashing the other, and then in the future they'll just reverse the direction. It is this misdirection technique that so far has not ever seemed to have failed.

What can we do?

Pay attention. Try not to let misdirection tactics suck you in and focus you on what they want you to look at. If we want their common tactics of race, and religion as division to no longer work there is something we can do as well. That is stop talking about them. Unless it is absolutely necessary simply no longer refer to people by their race or religion. This includes viewing yourself as such. It can be very easy to play that game and not realize that a seemingly innocent label or phrase that mentions race simply perpetuates the divisionary effect of these things. For some reason depending upon which way the pendulum has swung it is OKAY to be racist as long as you support the right race, and then over time the pendulum will swing the other way and what is acceptable will change. The illusion is that either of these things are acceptable. They are about control and manipulation.

So we can be aware. Try to be more aware. View everyone including ourselves as humans, rather than some other label. Simply doing that one thing removes a lot of the tools they use frequently to distract us. We can stop always pointing and focusing on the puppet, and instead can pay attention to the people that seem to be around and influencing things regardless of whom the current puppet is.

We can steem on in life and on this platform!


Political Atheist here. All smoke and mirrors..............

Yep. To make change people need to start being able to see past the smoke and mirrors. This may be wishful thinking, but I don't have a problem attempting to help in difficult tasks.


Excellent article... as you know, our perspectives are pretty similar.

Here's the thing... you're intelligent, well read, curious, educated, insightful and... well... intelligent.

What's my point?

One of the greatest challenges to breaking through the chain of the freakshow circus is that 90% of "The People of WalMart" (at whom the show is directed) couldn't actually read this article from start to finish. So the the answer of being more aware and conscious of the smoke and mirrors is excellent, but the challenge is how to transmit that message in a format and package that's "digestable" by the vast majority of the population, not just a few hundred thousand anarchists and bloggers on Steemit whose capacity for autonomous thought and analysis is waaaaay above the median.

And please, I say this not as a criticism or to be a killjoy... but as a (much needed?) "talking point" to help us figure out how to take a bunch of excellent ideals and move towards mass market implementation.

I get your point and I agree. I also know that is not my audience here YET. For those people you pretty much have to hit them with bite sized pieces of the puzzle spread out over long periods of time mixed with attention getters that really are only there to keep their interest and if you succeed over time the pieces MIGHT fall into place.

I am not likely good at this. I may be good at giving some people who ARE good at this some ideas though. :)

And then... once you reach the bottom of the rabbit hole, you will realize just how LITTLE at this point you understand or get... or really the scope of the problem at all. Once you get to the bottom, figure out the entire thing, it's pretty sad. You are far too late to change the course. I'd just start praying, since ...

Donald Trump vs the deep state is a psy-op.
Seth Rich Death is a psy-op
the false flag psy-ops were a distraction. They ran the obvious ones to cover the others.
The deception runs so deep, and the secrets hidden behind so much misinformation, it took me 6 months of research, thousands of hours to discover the truth.

No-one.. probably not even you will do what it takes to break through.

I'd just start praying, since ...

I don't pray. I just plan on what I can do to help my family, friends, etc survive... and I don't just give up. I still try to resist even though the likelihood of my success is pretty dismal.


For some reason, YouTube comedian Jenna Marbles came to mind as an example of who has the "reach," and the influence. She's super smart, but plays to a lower common denominator... and yet has a "message." And she posts 4 minute clips that often get 20+ million views. That's just ONE example.

Using comedy as vehicles for social change is an ancient human tradition. The court jester was generally the only person who could criticize the king.

Excellent article... as you know, our perspectives are pretty similar.

Don't you think you are biased then here in your judgement?

Absolutely I'm biased!

As is every single person who has stepped outside their front door and is now processing life through the lens of perception created by their body of experience. Hence we can-- at best-- submit ideas for consideration... but to regard them as facts would be folly.

Steem is the answer!

It is a fight rich against poor, and the rich are winning.

Said by some guy who made billions in stocks.

That too can be an illusion. For it is not really true. It is the fight of SOME RICH people (most of the rich people don't get involved) that is being acted out with other rich people. They don't even do it against the poor people. You give the poor people too much credit here. Those few RICH people that do seem to be always involved view even the poor people as ants or actors. They don't fight against the poor people. They don't have to. They control the poor people utterly.

One of the ways they do that is by also spinning this misdirection and illusion you just stated. It becomes mentally equated to ALL RICH PEOPLE vs POOR PEOPLE and I guarantee you this is far from factual. It instead is a small group of RICH PEOPLE. Of course they will be rich, they've been in power often for many generations. It isn't completely about money either in the traditional sense. Money is but one of their tools, so even in a completely socialist, or communist country they would be able to still act from the scenes in other ways. For all it really takes is keeping us divided and aiming at their puppets.

In your case you perceive two puppets RICH vs POOR. When in reality there are but a few RICH people that not only are manipulating the poor, they also are manipulating their fellow rich people.

For being rich does not grant super intelligence and senses that other people don't have. That means that rich people are just as susceptible to misdirection and manipulation as poor people.

The rich vs poor is another misdirection tactic and divide and conquer. It is a sham.

Policies that profit the rich have a vast higher chance to get enacted then policies that profit the poor. In a Republic that consists of way more poor then rich. Not to mention autocratic countries.

So even is most of the rich don't fight, their interests still get overvalued.

Rich have doubled their income and wealth since 2000. Poor have lost income in the same time. That is not coincidentally.

So even is most of the rich don't fight, their interests still get overvalued.


Does that suddenly make them nefarious, enemies, etc? No.

Attacking a group of people due to the activities of individuals is wrong REGARDLESS of who the group is.

I said (quoted Buffet) there is a fight between rich and poor.

I didn't say they were enemies. That is your interpretation. As is putting me on the poor side.

As is putting me on the poor side.

I didn't see it that way. I am on the poor side too by the way, always have been. :)

I said (quoted Buffet) there is a fight between rich and poor.

Sure... that doesn't mean I can't challenge it.

I didn't say you are an idiot or anything like that. You simply inspired a new train of thought. If you choose to see it as attacking you that is your choice. It was not my intention. I realized a lot of people do see it that way as it explains the entire anti-1% movement in the U.S. and then I realized that is just another form of the same divisionary tactics.

So it was not attacking you. It was being inspired by you.

Very true. How things are structured now that's how its going to be. Its always going to be someone who is rich elected and even if their motivations are true, they will have biases that will affect decisions.

That does not need to be any bias.

Rich just have more opportunities to voice their interests. And can afford to do that.

Is every rich person inherently evil and do you think you got the majority of the poor people on your side in that fight? I rather switch to my main acc, before I continue debating with you ;)

Nearly no one is evil. Which is the real evil thing.
And part of the war on the poor is that they get made to not fight. You are poor? It has to be your fault! You are not flexible enough! You have to learn more! You want too high wages! etc.

Bullshit. The bankers of this world are 100% evil, and the top elite too.. This is a fact, since they are well known to worship baal, human sacrifice and keep slaves.

The average banker is the guy that makes sure the money your employer send to you is actually reaching you. Is that evil?

Banks are not evil too. They in fact were very important (in a positive way) for the increase in production in the last 200 years - that is what capitalism is after all.

But a lot of what happens today at "banks" - speculation - has totally left moral grounds. For which the banks again are not at fault. They got told they have to act this way by neoliberal thinking, which is basically "give the rich more and never think of the poor".
Trickle Down economics is their not working fig leaf.

You don't get it. Sorry. The average bank guy, central banker is an illuminati member, and is luciferian. They sacrifice humans, and enslave humanity, start wars and make weapons.

I stick by my assertion. Rather, I stick by the facts. You can live in a delusion if you want, but fools take their chances.


Isn't that exactly the kind of divisionary term that @dwinblood was warning about in his post?

You are not flexible enough!

I remember someone told me to move to Somalia :P

I think it is unfair to a lot of rich people to put them in a bag with big banks and cooperations. Even if your boss is enriching himself by using you to an unfair price, he is not the enemy. It is the system he and you live in.

It is like I say just a matter of getting rid of about a 1,000. people.If we end the control of the .99% we could cure the disease! but it seems to be easier to die by the millions....

It is not .99% that is controlling things. It is more like 0.001%. 1% and even 0.99% is a lot of people. A lot of people that end up getting targeted by such movements, when reality is a much smaller number. They are really good at hiding and they don't like to stand in the front. They'd prefer to work through puppets and agents. You start to see them as you dig. Yes, they are a problem, and they have more power due to the systems that have been heavily corrupted globally in their favor for more than a century. Some of the worst seeds for this actually happened in the U.S. in 1913 and would spread all over the world.

1913? Let me look it up... Oh yes, I see!

April 5 – The United States Soccer Federation is formed.

Nah I just finished writing a companion blog to cover that. I realized some people wouldn't know what I was talking about. I also know by the comments that some people knew immediately what I was talking about.

U.S. Soccer though by some might be seen as the end of the world. :)

1000 people might be accurate. That is a lot smaller than 1% though. However, there are others that are ready to jump in and fill the void left by them. We'd need to get rid of the things they implemented that even make them possible in the first place. Getting rid of virtually everything they created in the U.S. in 1913 would be a good staring point.

Most assuredly ,we need to end the Fed. Reserve Debt. system! agree whole heartily!
But as some one else pointed out how do we reach the Walmart shoppers , that will never understand. or get to the homeless vet who have the skill sets to achieve the results we need!...
cartoons for Walmart?
and meme trains,and the VA with graffiti ?
l.... better stop before I get put on a hit list...

it's 1800 or so according to dutch whistleblowers, but you forget, they have a 500 year head start on you and control everything about your life.

Oh yes I know there are a lot of things other than 1913. Yet 1913 is an interesting confluence of bad things that happened and then spread. I just finished a companion post to this one covering that.

No, it would just mean person 1001-2000 will take over the "jobs".

then we make those job's terminal...
there has to be a way to cure this!
we just have to enact it...
find the right cure,and steem power it to the world!
we are millions to one ....
History is always made by the few brave enough or smart enough to seize the moment...

few brave enough or smart enough

Or, in most cases, just scared shit enough.

Careful. We don't want the Reign of Terror to happen again.

Spot on!

We're all part of the Human race and there are some who keep wanting to concentrate on our differences.

dīvide et īmpera

I just listened to a podcast from @goldgoatsnguns that runs along these same lines.


"Follow the Money" and very often you'll find George Soros, one of the few Deep Staters who can apparently spend brief periods in daylight.

Soros, and pretty much anyone that attends Bilderberg each year is a good place to start looking.



lol beware the advice of the enemy. (gatekeeper)

George Soros is just a puppet dangled in front of your eyes as The Source of all Evil to prevent you from looking at the puppet masters.

First, let's see how we all fare without him, then we can decide.

He's about 150 years old now already, hopefully we won't have to wait long for nature to take it's course.

This could be true. He is certainly not the only puppet master. It is also possible he in turn is a puppet himself.

Get involved in local politics. We need disruption from the bottom up. Anyone that knows me has heard me say this for many years. Do what's best for your community, repeat then expand to your city, then county then state... it applies in both directions. Something that is not good for your community is not good for the nation.

This does work in some levels. It works great for county commissioner type positions, and city councils and such. The GOP and DEMOCRATIC parties are heavily corrupt even at local levels and have done everything they can to stop grass roots from being able to take hold in there. I witnessed this firsthand in both 2008 and 2012 when I was heavily involved with the delegate process. In 2012 I stopped just short of nationals, so I did everything available to do in my state. I saw them not in my state but all over follow their own rules when it was convenient and ignore them when it was not. Them = the established seats of authority in the local parties. Convenient = when it reinforced the status quo. Not Convenient = when it attacked the status quo or threatened their authority.

They passed rules in both Dem and GOP in 2012 that made it much worse. Whats worse they had the AYES have it teleprompted as the results of the votes before the vote had even been completed. Was caught by someone on a cell phone.

You can fight local... but it too is becoming increasingly corrupt. I also before all of that did the IT for County Sheriffs, as well as Commisioners and County Administrators offices, and court houses in a small county. Really small... yet even there I caught sight of corruption and conflicts of interest.

I actually almost ran for County Commisioner... I seriously considered it at one point.

I am not a party person by nature. I am a registered Libertarian and have been since I was 18. I finally got fed up with our representatives and ran a local campaign. Surprisingly, I won. I can tell you first hand, the fix is in for all things corrupt and against the people. The political machines marginalize those that are willing to point out right from wrong.

The gameplan of the enemy: Divide and Conquer. Doesn't matter how you divide. You keep dividing, the you let them kill each other and walk away.

You are pawns. EPIC pawns.

This is so true! Do not watch the news, t.v shows or social media for your opinions are beliefs in this world. Get from behind your phone, or electronic and open your eyes. What is actually going on around you. Is there a child left alone while the single mom works? Who is feeding the hungry in your community?

Good article. I have been trying to tell people this for the longest time. People are people! Regardless of race, nationality, wealth or religious belief we all desire the same end result. To live in peace while we grow old and enjoy watching our children do the same. It is the governments of our respective nations who seek power over the rest of us and fight among each other that cause our problems. Sure there are extremists in any populists but largely because that have been led to it by said governments....I digress. Thanks for the good read!

You hit the nail on the head.

Styx - Welcome to the Grand Illusion!

Great song. :) Great album too. Including the song for readers who may not be familiar.

100% truth in music and movies, LIES on the news. Welcome to the upside down world of the luciferian agenda, ready to pierce the veil this summer.

The "powers that be" want us to be polarized. We are easier to control if we view the enemies among us as the ones we need to stand up against. In some ways this is rich vs poor. Haves vs have not's, but in general it is the puppet masters. The very rich, that decide how the media portrays things, how the politicians act. They do this with cunning and precision as this is old money that controls these systems. It will require grass root effort, and the masses will have to start thinking for themselves. Most of us sit in the middle ground, and the right and the left are drifting farther and farther apart.

See my response to @lennstar for my views on the Rich vs Poor. I view that as more misdirection. It is a small minority of rich people that this applies to. Yet them being RICH is not what makes them who they are. The fact they do what they do over time does grow their wealth, as well as their power in other areas. Yet the rich vs poor I view largely as more misdirection and divisionary tactics,

When I say rich I don't mean normal millionaires and people who just have more. This is institutional money. We are talking about the richest families and institutions of our country and world. Most people say rich vs poor, but you are right. The amount of money someone has says nothing of their character. So we don't refer to all rich people, or even all very wealthy people. But the facts remain. Money is power, and those that would choose to use their money to influence nations can and do that with great affect.

Money is power, and those that would choose to use their money to influence nations can and do that with great affect.

Yes they do. They also get smart and tie it up in non-liquid assets as well that they can use to influence and survive through any political or monetary storms.

Those in power will obviously gain great wealth. The longer they stay in power the more this is true.

My main concern is that there is a bit too much of an emphasis of RICH vs POOR, or even the 1% type movement, when let's face it these people we are talking about are not truly the 1%. They are more like the 0.001%.

So that means the 1% movement has anger being targeted at a lot of people who are not the bad guys. They are the scapegoats and puppets just like the poor people being aimed at them.

I really see no different between that division and the division over race and religion.

You can see the ones who are actually the puppet masters if you look. They persist across generations, and are present as influencers regardless of who is in power in the governments, and even regardless of what type of government it is.

They view the world much like a chessboard and everyone is simply pieces in their game, while they don't view themselves as a PIECE but as the player.

I agree completely with your 1% analogy. Many of these top 1% I'm sure are very nice people that do lots of good things. So to say rich vs poor is incorrect, and probably only serves to divide us more. You are right on that.

"You can see the ones who are actually the puppet masters if you look. They persist across generations, and are present as influencers regardless of who is in power in the governments, and even regardless of what type of government it is."

This is the truth here, well said.

This is a total lie. You never see true power. Ever. Above those who you see, lies the black nobility. And above them, lies the god of this world, their master.

All the world is a stage.. black and white is duality. Look at your friendly masonic lodge to see who enjoys a chessboard floor.

Well said my friend.

I tried to explain my mom how a platform like this generates its money by simply making it out of nothing and dividing it through an algorithm. Somehow this concept of money being created out of nothing is not possible, but the fiat currency we use in our daily lifes is..

Yeah people don't really understand money. If they did they would be pretty concerned about fiat. They don't even understand that gold only has the value it does, because we have chosen for it to have such value. Yes, there is the scarcity aspect, but that is not always the driving force.

Exactly my point, they take it for granted without questioning it whatsoever. Can't totally blame them though since our education system teaches us not to ask to questions..

Another thing the Prussian Education System was praised for when it was created.

I like to say lately that STEEM unlike most currencies is actually backed by something. It is backed by our ideas, creations, etc. These things all live in the steem blockchain. They are interwoven and thus STEEM may be one of the few cryptos and thus currencies in general that is actually backed by something.

That is a nice analogy, but almust every currency is backed on our beliefs, they just don't all make as much sense.

I agree. I find the fact steem is so intricately interwoven with our creations here as potentially lending it a lot of intrinsic value. It all depends upon how much value people put on their own creations. For me it is one of the most valuable of things.

Steemit the idea its founded on truely is inspirational, I do think it has some ways to go but has the potential to bring a more healthy environment for social media. I actually wrote an article on it u might enjoy https://steemit.com/steemit/@droucil/how-an-idea-like-steemit-could-change-the-entire-internet

Whoever controls the flow of information controls the world. This is what both sides of the illusion understood when mass media was in it's infancy (ie. radio, movies, newspapers and later TV). On the "left" it was Beria in Stalin's USSR on the "right" it was Goebbels in Hitler's Germany. The puppet-masters in the US & UK just pulled the strings and we all danced to their tune.

The only way people will ever wake up is if they get unbiased information. Thanks largely to the internet, this is happening. Whether or not it will be on large enough scale remains to be seen. The disinformation apparatus is vast and masterfully constructed, thanks largely to Tavistock Institute and their network... which is too large to enumerate in this short a venue.

As always excellent work!!! Upped & RS'd!

unbiased information

Unbiased information is "It is Wednesday the 14th of June 2017 and it is raining here". Maybe.

Everything else is biased opinion. And if you are of different opinion.... well, there we have it. QED

The internet is not unbiased. In fact, its far easier to spread bias via online means.

The internet is just a tool, unless it's being manipulated like Y-Tube, Fakebook etc. However, trying to get truth out any other way is impossible, because we know that's being controlled.

Very good article to inspire people to really step back and see whats going on. Sham is a good choice of words because that's all it really is. Hopefully we, USA, will learn from the mistakes of the past and move toward making decision that benefit everyone and not one side or the other. The worry is that this country is too far gone in that aspect. Its a slippery slope and we are sliding down it. Thanks again @dwinblood for your rational.

This sadly appears to be happening in MANY places in the world. There are some thoughts upon what the agenda may be. These thoughts about agenda make sense, but many people would pass them off as a conspiracy theory. They actually are conspiracy theories, but that doesn't mean they may not be true or at least looking in the right direction.

Well said. Men are created equal regardless of their beliefs in life.

Amazing post. Politics became a reality show. President is not running the show. Economy and countries are controlled by central banks. Unfortunately politic is emotional issue, something that people get headed about.

I think this has actually been going on for a very long time. The only reason we talk about it like we do is at the same time mass communication made it easier for them to control us, it also became easier for us to notice it.

Sigh. If you knew just how much of your life is fake, it's so much more than you know.

Excellent Post! Great writing. I am definitely going to follow you. Your perspective is refreshing and I find myself beginning to agree with your take on this.

Its all of us versus the state. The longer we allow them to keep us fighting over race, left vs right, or any of that other stupid crap the more freedoms are going to be stripped away while were distracted

This is a true statement.

I agree with the general tenor of your post an the points you make. That said, I've found my life is much happier when I don't follow the news at all (except for sports).

I have friends who are rich, poor, black, white, Arabic, Jewish, Asian...

A long time ago I learned that every person is a unique individual and that aside from the manner in which one presents him or herself, appearance is not a good barometer by which to judge someone.

I have friends who are rich, poor, black, white, Arabic, Jewish, Asian...

There is a great name for that. Humans. :)

Me too.

UPVOTED and followed. This is great. This is why I started writing over at libertyLOL!

Also why our emblem is the razor, Divide and Conquer (DIVIDE ET IMPERA)!

Yeah it's Rich !

If you control the media, you controle the people.

imagine if you control all media, gov, healthcare, war and industry? Cause that's where we are now.

All that is BS. The market never lies. Come try to beat me but you will lose:

Yeah, I don't get it. :)

Great fight

Conjurers use smoke and mirrors to deceive the audience.