Civil Asset Forfeiture: Theft Without Conviction

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Civil asset forfeiture has helped the law enforcement agencies around the country to acquire billions of dollars in revenue from innocent Americans, without ever having to charge them of any wrongdoing or find them guilty of any crime.

Some victims of this practice have had their entire life savings confiscated after a simple traffic stop was escalated. Other individuals have had their cars taken, all of their cash confiscated, or their home taken away.

It's a practice that has drawn widespread criticism as it seems to violate basic constitutional rights by enabling the state to steal confiscate private property without any conviction of wrongdoing.

Thanks to the growing criticism over this practice,...

just recently the US Justice Department nominated a prosecutor from NC, attorney Corey Ellis, to try and introduce more checks and balances into their civil asset forfeiture approach. Ellis is going to be tasked as the director of accountability for the program, hoping to somehow help them in reversing the reputation that this practice has in the eyes of many.

Several states have tried to pass laws that make changes to this practice, as this sort of behavior contributes to the erosion of due process. Over a dozen states have already tried to make changes, passing new rules that require a conviction before property can be taken.

However, the attorney general has indicated that he wants to bypass these sorts of changes and expand the program overall.

Georgia happens to be one state that is looking to try and protect people there from this sort of behavior. They've already passed new rules a couple of years ago , placing some limitations on civil asset forfeiture and requiring more enhanced reporting on their activities etc. As well, one lawmaker there has introduced a bill to require a conviction before any assets are taken.

Scot Turner introduced H.B. 505 earlier this year and that bill is seeking to make the change of requiring a conviction, joining at least 14 other states that have sought to make similar changes.

Law enforcement agents might continue to maintain that civil asset forfeiture is a vital tool to their business model, but there doesn't seem to be any respect paid to due process and the concept of being innocent until proven guilty when your life savings can be taken without you being charged and convicted beforehand. This sort of behavior erodes respect for law enforcement and the law itself when it breeds the opportunity for so many innocent people to be victimized. Such policing for profit tactics should be put to rest and more respect paid to evidence and convictions in relation to violent crimes. There has already been enough time and effort wasted on the failed war on drugs and perhaps it's about time law enforcement put their resources to better use.



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Amazing post thank you so much for sharing

The war on drugs is a definite waste!

Troops wearing the uniform of the United States Army guarding the poppy fields in Afghanistan.... Poppy is the crop from which heroin is manufactured. It may be a war, but to me it looks like a good business model. Just think of all the industries and government programs that have revenue streams that begin in the 'war on drugs'. Making money on both sides of this equation.....

Without a doubt one of the most tyrannical actions our government can take against its citizens.

If this doesn't let you know how 'free' we are, i dont know what will...

I have an article with a similar sentiment if you would like feel free to check it out.

Civil asset forfeiture scares the sh!t out of me.. Thanks for all this great info, and upvote has never been more deserved!

Another great post @doitvoluntarily ! Thanks for posting this , it would be about time they hold these guys accountable for their actions against their own citizens ! I will believe it when I see it ! Keep up the great work my friend ! Upped and resteemed 💕👍😊

I think any country that confiscates the property of its citizens without due process is undervaluing its citizens. This may be a great way to generate some additional revenue but at the cost of those individual that are actually capable of work and improving the status of the country. As the problem worsens, this causes higher iq and productive people to move away from the country. This leads to a lowering of the overall iq of the country and inevitably to the decline of the country and states.

You are exactly right! Buy this man the adult beverage of his choice!

The question left to ask is, why...? Why would a nations leadership want to do this knowing that sometime in the future, their actions will wreck the nation. My answer is greed, inexhaustible greed for both money and power. They simply do not care what it does to the nation in the future, they only care about increasing their power and or wealth. Declining IQ's of the citizens, also a perfect situation. Stupid idiots who only care about entertainment are easily controlled and will never bite the hand that steals from them.

I would def. agree with. I'd also like to add to this by saying that I think that Some people in charge simply don't understand the consequences of their actions. They are severely deranged in their thinking. Some have been heavily indoctrinated with Marxist and extreme social justice ideologies. There are many others as well. It's a shame because there is so much that could be gained. It sucks because it usually takes a major catostrophy to backpeddle from these issues. I don't want things to have to come to that but everyday it's seeming like we get closer and closer to that edge.

Again, spot on! I don't want to have to do the 'major catastrophe' thing to back peddle from these issues. We shouldn't be there yet. We have things we can do first, like go to school board meetings and city council meetings, county commissioner meetings and such. With enough numbers, the Marxists and socialists that infest these institutions can be silenced and removed.

Yea i know, people who do that end up going to jail for their actions. The only reason that works is because that person was the lone voice of reason, easily silenced. They can't haul everyone to jail, there isn't room and money to house/feed that many people. Strength is in the numbers.

I know that too, we, the like minded silent opposition are too busy working, over taxed as it is, unable to afford what we need to survive, ect. ect. ect.... That's the point. They have us right where they want us. We need to bust the mold and get out from under the control they have for us. Tell the boss you're not going to work today, you have to protest something. If you don't, there won't be any need to go to work later anyway.

So much knowledge being given in your comments my friend. You are right on it. There's much to be done and I personally believe that we can rise above this. We just need to understand that it wont be an easy battle. Great talking with you and take care of yourself out there!

As much as I would like to believe the the numbers are on the side of reason I don't think that is the case any longer. Most of the population in the western world is on the receiving end of government goodies, willingly or not. With pensions, unemployment insurance, and government regulated registered accounts people are trapped in the system. That is the politicians game plan, make the populace dependent on the government and they can control us. Democracy is a majority rule and the majority votes for government handouts.

I have an article with a similar sentiment if you would like feel free to check it out.

An excellent, accurate, and much needed post! THANK YOU!! Not nearly enough is said, reported, or written about this insane practice. I'm sure we've all heard of many of the abuses of this evil deed, however. If not, do a quick search and there will be plenty to read, or just click on the articles provided by @doitvoluntarily, above.

Because the federal government is too corrupt, bloated, wasteful, and inefficient to manage our finances, it feels it must resort to theft in order to balance the collective checkbook.

When your government resorts to these tactics, it is no longer "your government," but your enemy!

This could just about happen to any of us.

Thanks again for your post, and you have a new follower.

An interesting view of an important issue. With the current regime and their view of civil rights (or lack there of) this is something the citizenry needs to be more aware of. Thank you.

you are great writer ,thats for sure . cheers buddy

Goodness I didn't know about that at all! We need those changes its just not right, great post I've learned something new today and that's good enjoy your Tuesday😊

It is a theft described by all standards.

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nicee post bro , Merry Christmas bro @doitvoluntarily

In cases like this, there is usually Civil Asset Forfeiture and a Criminal case. This is double punishment and Habeus Corpus act stops this. In our US Legal system NO ONE can be punished twice for the same crime!

Unfortunately No LAWYER wants to challenge this!

"Billions of dollars" its my dream.Great post thank you so much for sharing

The War on Drugs has been lost, It's time to stop it.

Wow, didn't expect to see my state leading the charge. .. awkward, I guess I probably don't need warn people about it anymore.

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I think that such obnotious laws will be abolish, as it has oppressive tendences. Great post. I follow and upvote you. same for me.

We, the People.

If WE don't like it WE have to get off our collective butts and change it.

You mean vote???
Easier said then done.

No, voting won't cut it. Running for office might.

Might..might not. There's that small problem of elections being rigged, I've seen it first hand and in a peaceful western country. Would have never believed it . That made me step back and look at the broader picture and made me a believer into the new world order.

Yea.... Rigged elections, rigged markets, rigged everything.
Might be time to take some advice from those boys over in Athens Tennessee when they had that very same problem.

It will need to come to something like this eventually. That's why there's an anti gun movement.

Well I always encourage the younger generation to get politically active so they can be our future.

Making sure their political activities don't put the final nail in our coffin. Too many young people have been raised thinking that money comes from the ATM machine and therefore why not just mandate distribution? If you thought money grew on trees, would you not agree that education, housing, healthcare, food were to be free? They don't see the other side of the equation, the fact that nothing is free and that for all those who receive without working there are those who must work without receiving

I agree and that's why Socialism and Communism is so easily accepted these days. They can't see that it cost money for social services and having incompetent people manage it (ie. the government) is probably the biggest fault in social services.

Exactly, and let's not forget the corruption aspect. If people only stopped to think that it is equivalent to your neighbour confiscating your property to give it to someone else they believe are more needy (or useful, lol). The politicians do not provide social services with their own money, they do so with taxpayers money. How easy is that?

Ugh, hate to see the term 'business model' in relation to government institutions. If taxation is theft then this is highway robbery!

lol extortion model 😂

yup, that's about right. legalized extortion so you have no place to turn to. how do you get that emoji on your post?😂

Amazing post thank you

Tremendous article. The IRS utilizes the lien process, crippling individuals and small businesses. Similar process.

Sad practice that is entirely believable going on today. I can't imagine having to fight for what is mine by the government that is founded on the principles of free will under the law and private property rights. Great stuff, I write a little about similar things feel free to check out my posts well.

Great work, excellence and thoughtfulness to this degree is very much appreciated. I have an article with a similar sentiment if you would like feel free to check it out.

after such actions, faith in law enforcement agencies is lost. People do not want to lose the savings of their whole life and I understand them. The state should support and not rob, otherwise it is not the state.
thanks for the info

I find it strangely paradoxical that the USA has so many constitutional protections in place and yet something like this is even possible.