Are you scared for the future of humanity?

in #politics6 years ago

Caller asked whether I'm scared about the future of humanity...and in some sense, I am

Where are you on this issue? Leave your thoughts in a reply!


Humanity is screwed. The world is becoming overpopulated and mostly with people living in misery. A good chunk of these people will end up joining a gang, drug cartel, terrorist group, and / or fanatic groups. In many countries agriculture cannot even thrive because either some dictator seizes all land for himself, or some band simply sets everything in fire to screw up a rival tribe/gang/religion/etc. Or some favela warfare for territory and control of drugs. At this rate the world will eventually become something like the Mad Max movies.

The same thing would have been said by the scientists and experts decades ago about the present world if you research but then what? The world is producing the even more commodities from half of the land which they would produce decades ago

Our future rests in the gracious and merciful hands of God

I'm disappointed in you, you shouldn't double dip on stories like this.

You just posted this yesterday.

Please be more careful in the future, I don't think you did this on purpose, but it looks kinda scummy.

A bit scared, specially with regimes like North Korea, but i think it the end everything will work out, as long as science keeps involving and we achieves more sucess in space exploration :)

Im scared as hell the oceans are very polutted in the Gulf of Mexico. I have 3 kids that will have to live with the damage our generation created, seems like a horrible future.:(

I am not scared but I am really worried about the humanity as it is in danger due to greed,power and hatred. World is full of of business minded people for whom profit matter the most and humanity nothing. Kindness is hard to find and weak and poor are dying with hunger and war. World needs kindness and love but nothing.

Human wears various sad world is full of those who dont care for humanity anymore.

if every one care for the other person beside or near him we all are safe no one in the world can be do bad with us simple

The future of mankind is the struggle for the survival of the whole species

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