Jacinda Ardern, my concerns.

in politics •  last year  (edited)

New Zealand has a new Prime Minister.

She's young, left wing and seems to enjoy virtue signalling.

I worry about the people she associates herself with. She recently traveled to Europe and met with Macron, Merkel, Theresa May and Sadiq Khan. She has also met with Justin Trudeau and seems to quite like him.

She has not met with anyone from Italy, nor Hungary or Poland. She does not seem to have much interest in meeting with Trump and she took offense at the suggestion her immigration policy was 'Trump like'.

Kiwis are actually quite sick of massive immigration, as it's causing house prices to skyrocket as well as suppressing wages, particularly in the labor market. Many kiwis, myself included voted for NZ First, and I believe it's only the leader of NZ First, Winston Peters, who has enforced immigration restrictions as a part of the NZ First and Labour Coalition.  

I find her strong and immediate association with these globalist politicians very concerning. I also find her support of the Syria strikes worrying, particularly when her deputy Prime Minister, Peters cast doubt over allegations that Russia was involved.

Another thing I find concerning is the glowing reception she gets from the mainstream media. Her media coverage is almost universally positive, She was named in Time's most influential person list, while Putin was not. This I find beyond belief. She simply hasn't been in power long enough to have caused major change. Except for when she did not expel Russian diplomats, following the Skripal incident in which case she was accused of making New Zealand a "laughing stock". 

Shortly after this she met with Macron, who seems to be spearheading the push for attacks in Syria. It makes me wonder who is actually influencing her actions. 

Right now her plan seems to be to get as many photo opportunities of her, pregnant, with other world leaders. I believe this is quite an ingenious way of making her immune from criticism. Critiques can be leveled at her, as you'll be accused of being in some way, misogynistic.

Going through her actual policy is quite disturbing too, see Labour's Ethnic Communities Policy.

Well, what's an Ethnic community? Is this a separate class of New Zealander? I'm Half Hungarian, am I ethnic? I thought we were one nation.

I believe in treating people fairly. Starting with your own taxpayers and citizens. So far, Ardern has spent most of her time in power in other countries, showboating her pregnancy and rubbing shoulders with the elite.

I spent a lot of time homeless, and the amount of women and children I saw living in vans and substandard housing was disturbing.

So far the government has increased welfare, which just lead to inflation, and higher house, food and gasoline prices. They have not significantly attacked the housing issue. They have banned future foreign ownership of houses, which does little to nothing to address the actual problem of over regulation of house construction.

In New Zealand somehow a homeless person is safer than a person with a roof over their head that doesn't meet government standards.

I'm predicting an absolute failure of this government to provide for the poor and working class of New Zealand. I believe Jacinda has contempt for working class people, in the same vein as Hillary Clinton called half of America "deplorable".

I'm not sure whether she's naive or malevolent, but I'm starting to think it's a bit of both.

My only hope is that Winston Peters, who is a fairly independent Nationalist will continue to exert his influence; although I am concerned that he is vulnerable to attack from globalists. He's getting quite old, and I'll bet he might start getting "health concerns" in the near future.

I also predicted that the National Party of New Zealand would change its leader shortly after Obama's 'golfing visit' with our ex PM.

Gee, I wonder who's controlling that party...

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"I believe in treating people fairly"


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