Martial Law in Ukraine! READ ENDING-Based on my REAL LIFE!

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The 2014 Maidan Protests in Kiev, Ukraine has become one of the most eerie moments of my lifetime. 480 kilometers away, I was still relatively new to the country in the city Kharkiv, borders with Russia, and did not know how to react or make out of the uprising.

On one hand my peers, colleagues and seniors including the locals consoled us and asked us to stay calm and not to fear: "Kharkiv is an international city, the most peaceful and calmest of them all." Such did I notice to be true. On the other hand the same people had already packed their bags, withdrawn as much as possible from their accounts into hard cash and had a full prison break style plans on how and when to flee.


Soon enough Kharkiv city became pretty empty as the riots grew much more violent in Kiev. The supermarkets were empty and would shut down as early as 4o'clock in the afternoon, not a single product on the shelves. The ATMs had lines longer than the eye could see, not a single penny left in the machines. I even stocked up on bottled water since the water terminals weren't being refilled. Yes, Kharkiv was substantially peaceful, except for the uprisings in the Freedom Square.

I couldn't breathe a sigh of relief as I waved goodbye to each and every one of my friends and colleagues, who were fleeing in the daily out of fear. The situation wasn't looking very pleasant. I was a kid back then, a child fresh out of the womb still. I dreamt of being independent and fighting through the barriers of my life by myself... so I stayed back. My dorm eventually felt like a scene from the house of wax movie; not a single soul except the 3 people who remained and I.
The once flourishing international city felt like the remains of a fallout. But...Kharkiv was peaceful, indeed. It was just fear that crept up into everyone's souls.

Since then everything has been on the up and jolly, except now...

For years now Ukraine has been on the clash with Russia. Crimea in 2014 is by far the most popular incident of this clash to the international world, other than the problems in Luhansk and Donetsk there have been many incidents and clash-childs that are born day to day.

The same eerie feeling crept up in me when my mobile phone vibrated and and the notification bar just read "Martial law to be implemented in Ukraine...."
Just that much was enough to get my jitters going.

Apparently the current president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko presented the bill of martial law lasting for almost 60 days to the parliament after Russian troops fired upon and seized 3 Ukrainian warships and 24 Ukrainian seamen on the disputed territories on Sea of Azov. The parliament later approved a state of martial law for 30 days in 10 regions.

The 10 regions being in which the population is predominantly ethnically Russian or pro-Russian.

But why? Here are the speculations as well as the official statement:

  1. Officially, to strengthen Ukrainian defenses against the increasing tensions with Russia.
  2. Some speculate it is to cut off a probable "land route/corridor" Russia could be mapping to Crimea from Russia.
  3. Another speculation was that due to decreasing popularity of Poroshenko, it's a tactic to hinder election procedures. Which seems unlikely to happen since the election date is going to remain unchanged as well as the martial law will supposedly end just in a month.
  4. A scary speculation was made that this may be the perfect chance to cater to the oligarchs of Ukraine, by taking advantage of the martial law rules.
  5. Another scary speculation was made so as to control the Russian based territories.

    The law faced a lot of criticism, mainly because the law, in any case, should have been implemented earlier when the conflicts were just beginning, if it should have been implemented at all!

My fears

The rules of martial law isn't something to be happy about. The Ukrainian parliament has stated that freedom of speech will not be hindered, the education minister has posted on her personal web profile saying that the education life and personal life of any foreigners won't be hindered. The martial law period won't be increased further. There are no curfews going to be implemented... unless required, of course. In general, martial laws have the reputation of hindering a civilian's life, from ownership of private and personal property, to freedom of speech and protests and the list is endless.So which other rights am I going to practice "unless required", and do I have to live with constant fear for supposedly and hopefully ONE MONTH?

The President and Head of state don't think so...

Here is my ray of hope:

That's one more blind spot from Blind's pot.

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thanks to share

I don't get the whole scenario, as i'm from another part of the world. But going through your posts seems like its braking down the line between the citizen's public and private life. What would be the state of 'freedom of speech' then. I am scared.

Bless be upon in your country.

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The Ukraine government is asserting that it wouldn't hinder the citizen's personal life; as stated in the link I provided in the end. That is very relieving in itself. Now only time can tell...


If you believe so.
Let's look forward.

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I feel like the Ukrainians were fooled by some extreme right wing EU and US groups to join that Euromaiden shituation. But I don't like to discuss politics in this open public platform, so I'll shut up now.


not sure if you spelled it shituation on purpose or not, but I like it. It sounds perfect. it's a SHITuation!!


Yes, it was on purpose. 😉

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