Australian PM announces plan to become top 10 exporter of death, destruction & misery

in politics •  10 months ago

That’s what the headline would’ve read if the media and our politicians were being honest with us.

Yesterday, Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, announced the new “defence export strategy”.

Of course, that is typical political Orwellian doublespeak.

But what would you expect? Malcolm Turnbull is a politician.

PM Turnbull explains how Australia will spread peace and love across the globe. Source: AAP

Before I go any further, a quick disclaimer. I am writing from a pure politically non-partisan perspective. I no longer vote for any politician from any party (that goes for independents too) in any election. I view Liberal and Labor, left and right as two wings of the same bird that seeks to soar high above the rest of us. Remember, in our democracy, you may get to pick a team, but you still have to play their game.

Anyway … back to our shiny new “defence export strategy”. As a hint, whenever you read the Orwellian term “defence” replace it with its correct word “war”. So, our shiny new “defence export strategy” is in actual fact our shiny new “war export strategy”.

Sounds slightly more sinister, don’t you think?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “Australia is set to become one of the world's top 10 defence exporters under an ambitious $3.8 billion government plan”.

It will put Australia on par with other peace-loving nations (oops, I mean major arms-exporting countries) such as Britain, France and Germany within 10 years.

Of course, as the PM made his announcement, it was all wrapped conveniently in the electorally-winning guise of creating new jobs.

That’s creating new jobs in the killing industry to replace the jobs successive Australian governments let slowly whither and die in our local car manufacturing industry.

"This strategy is about job creation. It will give Australian defence companies the support they need to grow, invest and deliver defence capability. It will make Australian defence exports among the best in the world," Mr Turnbull said.

Again, if our PM was being honest with us, he may have instead said something along these lines …

“This strategy is about replacing some jobs we let die over the past 20 years in the car industry. We will give the military-industrial complex (death and destruction industry in non-Orwellian doublespeak) all the Australian taxpayer dollars they need to siphon off funds, lobby governments, make political donations and perhaps even build a few weapons that will eventually be used to kill people and blow up buildings in the Middle East or Africa or Asia or somewhere else far from here.”

Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it?

Australia's ambitious plans for its latest multi-billion dollar export venture. Source The New York Times.

The centrepiece of the strategy will be a new financing facility that will make up to $3.8 billion available to Australian defence companies looking to sell overseas.

Australia’s Trade Minister, Steve Ciobo, said that the $3.8 billion of our taxpayer dollars that we are handing over to the killing industry will help Australian companies achieve "significant sales”.

Again, what he really meant to say was that it will help Australian companies (most likely subsidiaries of America’s biggest arms manufacturers) achieve “significant deaths in countries we care little about”.

"It will provide confidence to our war industry to identify and pursue new opportunities to bomb the crap out of someone, somewhere overseas, knowing that when an attack stacks up and Aussie weapons are needed, they’ll be there," he (would’ve if he was telling the truth) said.

The Herald reports further that:

The strategy identifies the other "five eyes" countries - the US, UK, Canada and New Zealand - as top priority markets. That way sensitive technologies will be protected, while exports will support Australia's key global allies.

Yes, that’s the “five eyes” countries that back in the 90s, you were considered a tinfoil hat-wearing, conspiracy theorist nutter for even suggesting that such a dastardly, shadowy organisation existed.

But I digress.

The PM admires the size of something while standing next to some men who appear to have a cold. Photo: Ben Rushton (SMH).

“But the government will also seek to boost exports in Europe, and the rapidly growing markets in Asia and the Middle East.”

Of course, there are some awesome opportunities for supplying surveillance equipment to European countries for spying on their own citizens, not to mention the “rapidly growing markets in Asia and the Middle East”.

Australia’s shiny new “war export strategy” will provide excellent opportunities for exploiting tensions across the Middle East and Asia. It will allow us the ability to assist in the killing of perhaps hundreds of thousands of civillians, bomb some cities back to the stone age … and I almost forgot … create a few jobs for hard-working Aussies.

The views expressed here are my own and do not represent the views of the Australian media industry, the Australian defence industry or the Federal Government of Australia or any of its subsidiaries.

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Of course, Americans are the kings when it comes to this. America is a war economy and militarism is always front and center! Militarism forever!


Americans are the kings and the Aussies are right behind doing as we are told. I'll check out your video shortly.



Unfortunately, Aussies and the Brits are in the same boat. Aligned with the Americans and their BS wars that create nothing but problems for almost everyone involved. However it is very profitable for the war industry, and that's what it's all about. The war profiteers are the people who initiate these wars and definitely aren't the ones fighting them!

Great decloaking of what's actually happening. I like your decision to not participate in the political system at all. That should be a choice that is not punished by fines. Resteeming @atnicholson


Thanks @nolnocluap. That decison was something I struggled with for some time, but eventually I came to the decision that I could no longer tick a box next to a name on a piece of paper and authorise that person or party to make decisions (that I will often disagree with) on my behalf. It is literally signing over your individual rights to someone else who only really cares about you when it comes time again for you to tick that box next to their name again.



A great principal based decision. May I ask whether you claim exemption or just wear the penalty @atnicholson?


I haven't become that principled yet, I'm afraid. I go to the voting booth, cross off my name and take my empty ballots and place them in the boxes.
I will investigate the exemption option ... but may have to just cop the fine in future, most likely.


And still the state inconveniences you even going to the effort of having to show up. I'd be keen to know what you learn. I've thought about exploring exemption options myself but it's not at the top of the to do list for me.... yet! Best of luck mate.

The headline is hilarious! I was thinking since when did the PM speak so honestly and transparently about these issues... Nice catch buddy.

I love this kind of post. You don't get many of them nowadays, I mean, there definitely is a need for 'alternative media' sources.

What I tend to find is that the media generally presents facts fairly accurately and doesn't mess with the data (hopefully), but its how they interpret and frame the supposed repercussions of this data that is heavily biased and requires a quick sense check for the listener (which you've done nicely in this blog).

Of course nobody is free of bias, and anybody who says so is outright lying, but we can do our best to interpret the facts as objectively as possible.

If we do present ideas that are based on our opinions, it is important to let people know that and admit it, as you've done, mentioning at the end of the post that all the views expressed here are you own.

At the end of the day, every individual needs to do their own research and come up with their own opinion. Nobody is free of bias but what your blog is doing is a step in the right direction.


Thanks for the feedback @chunger. I have been a keen observer (and consumer) of news and journalism for many years now and I believe we are now at a low point. Political partisanship on both sides of the idealogical paradigm is now more overt than ever. Alternative media is important, but that too often falls into the partisanship trap. That's why it's so important to get your information from as many sources as possible and formulate your own opinions from there.

The issue as I see it is not so much presenting facts (although there are many lies and falsehoods circulating in the mainstream media, particularly in regards to the Syrian war, for example), but it is in the selective reporting of certain facts, and the intentional non-reporting of other facts that do not fit the accepted narrative.

I agree 100% that we all have biases and that this will always be a component of any journalistic endeavour.

In case you missed it, you might want to check out my previous post on Media manipulation: How big news is messing with your mind

Thanks again for your thoughtful feedback.


With the great resources Australia has, it can be a leading economy in the world first in self-sufficient and then exporting goods, not bads like Saudi, the US and the UK, among others.


You would think so @arabisouri but our politicians in Australia have sold us out. We have massive natural gas reserves, yet we have a gas shortgage in this country. Our small and medium businesses cannot afford their power bills. Why? Because, Australia sells our natural resources for pennies on the dollar to other countries such as China. We get the leftovers for which we have to pay a premium.


If interested I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine who can install bio-gas plants in farms, the bigger the better, producing electricity power for own consumption and selling excess to the grid, heat, methane gas (cooking gas), and also natural fertilizers all from natural waste from these farms. Just need to identify farm or dairy farms or poultry farms owners interested. The solutions are there but it don't make money to those in power.


Hey thanks @arabisouri I am only on one acre and have 4 chickens and some vegetables growing LOL so probably no good for me. There are some very large farms around here who may potentially be interested in such a venture. Are they available in Australia?


I know they're worldwide, and many also competitors are there, so for sure they'd be in Australia. But if you think you can get serious inquiry I can contact my friend and connect you both together. If the project is worth it they can arrange finance as well, that's what I understood. Of course not for a few chicken, but maybe if you can get a few clients there with the commission earned you'll get yourself a much larger farm and if one of those large farms is near you maybe you'll get some discounts on electricity, cooking gas and fertilizers. I'm not too much expert in this, I just know they're looking for more clients.

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