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My epiphany today. A plausible reason that high IQ people tend to favor feminism (and the socialism which supports it) is because they’re most competitive when their intellect is not able to be countered by testosterone. IOW, they want society to be structured in a way that puts at a disadvantage the trait they typically do not have.

The ties in with my argument as to which strict patriarchy is a defect-defect situation at any scale larger than the Dunbar number size limited tribe. The males in the society will try to find any way to leverage the collective to put the other males at a competitive disadvantage. The intellectuals politically coalesce around defeating testosterone which causes the society to go decadent in R strategy reproduction with fatherless children destroying the nuclear family structure that otherwise creates a strong society.

Yet the lack of strict patriarchy is also a defect-defect situation. So the conclusion is that nation-states are also a defect-defect situation. This is why nation-states are being disintermediated now by Bitcoin and decentralized ledgers. We’re moving to a NWO back towards highly decentralized knowledge age tribes. Eventually there will be a world government for that the defect-defect arrangement to replace the weakening power of the nation-states. Nation-states will be disintegrate back into knowledge age tribal regions in the NWO.

Again I discussed these concepts recently as as username X:

We can for example see China trying to suppress Islamic identity and practices such as the veil, domes on mosques, and fasting during Ramadan. So tribes will shift to virtual practices which China can’t physically detect nor regulate. The Internet is radically disintermediating nation-states, and decentralized ledgers are the next big step for the Internet.

Bitcoin and decentralized ledgers are necessary to disintermediate nation-states so that decentralized knowledge age tribalism will not be retarded by a nation-state structure that was only useful in the agricultural and industrial ages where coordination over concentrated fixed capital investment was the predominant need.

Note as for data supporting my thesis that intellectuals who study at universities are heavily into progressivism, just look at the political pressure in most universities, notice how intellectuals prefer domesticated docile cats over vicious Pitbulls as pets, and notice how they write “she” instead of he to refer to a programmer in their research papers. Also see the IQ distribution of atheists in the U.S.A. chart which can be found on the following blog by searching for “it’s negentropic”:

Atheism is the religion of no patriarchy because God is the penultimate patriarch.

I wrote on Quora:

It’s ridiculous to have an open border policy only for illiterates. I’m all for open borders in the sense that competition produces the best outcomes as you also point out. But to open only for the noncompetitive exemplifies the insanity that is destroying Western civilization. Indeed brace for the worst to come over the next decade. Crash and burn is the only way these outcomes have ever resolved themselves throughout human history. Regarding Islamic culture, I don’t want to pick a fight with them. I just want to point out that strict patriarchy becomes decadent and non motived to be competitive. Yet socialism and feminism also peak and implode a nation-state at the end game. I wrote about this concept employing the username X at the following blog:

The optics of noticing