Hillary Clinton Guessing Game: Can you pick the real Hillary out of these photos of impersonators, randos, and actors?

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Welcome to results page for the Hillary Clinton Guessing Game quiz!!!  If you haven't take the quiz please do so now!

You can take the quiz here!  Make sure you take it before looking below.

Here are the answers-

The woman above is on campaign literature.  This is Hillary Clinton taken on or around August of 2016.

This is Teresa Barnwell.  She's a known professional impersonator.  She has stated the campaign used her to fake one small event, but to the best of my knowledge that's the only time.

This is Hillary Clinton on between two ferns.  It was filmed on September 9th.

This is Meryl Streep.  She's a famous actress.  Some say she bears a resemblance... I don't really see it.

This is Theresa May.  She was recently appointed by the Queen to be Prime Minister of the UK.  She does not look like Hillary.

McKinnon is a SNL actress who played many parts one of which was Hillary Clinton.

This is Amy Poehler.  She's another SNL regular who has gone on beyond that.  She played Hillary sometimes on SNL.

This one is controversial.  After Clinton collapsed on 9/11 this woman emerged from Chelsea's apartment.  Many believe she's a body double and not the actual Hillary Clinton.  People say she's too young looking, too thin, no neck wrinkles, hand prints don't match, earrings on that day didn't match, ear holes don't match, and  she appears to be missing some moles.

This one is also controversial.  This is another suspected body double for Hillary Clinton.  While many suggest she looks nothing like the presidential nominee she has none the less been at rallies etc. acting as Hillary Clinton.  People say she's too young looking, too thin, no neck wrinkles, hand prints don't seem to match, her nose is very linear, she appears to be missing some moles, her eyes are hazel, and one of her eyes goes wonky during regular conversations.

This is alleged to be the same woman as above for all the same reasons.  Here's she's on the campaign plane giving a speech about the at the time recent NY City bombings.

Last image of the same woman.  She was campaigning down in Orlando.  She is alleged to be the same body double as above, but now her eyes are blue.

As for score... any time you guessed anything correctly you were given 1 point, unless you were guessing that someone who is a suspected body double was a body double.  Then you were given 100 points.  If you get all of the questions correct and suspect the right people of being body doubles you'll get 820 points.  If you're not seeing a score in the 100s you don't believe they are body doubles.  If you don't get a score with the last two numbers being near 20 then you don't have a good basis of who Hillary is, what she looks like, and what some famous people who mimic her look like.

Here's a quintessential picture of Hillary Clinton.

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Wondering which one if any will be at Monday's debate