Jesse Ventura and the Freedom Cabinet

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Adam answers a question from his fan mail about his potential cabinet.

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@cynthiamckinney is an excellent choice! She's smart, has a good conscience, and is a fighter. Remembering her grilling Rumsfeld regarding Dyncorp's sex trafficking. What a government! I bet he never got back to her.

I'm a fan of Jesse too, an honest man. He doesn't get that there really isn't another choice except to eliminate the Federal Gov. He's still holding on to the false notion that we still need a limited government which is the same as saying just a little force against the people is okay.

There's always hope for an honest person to see the truth.

Fantastic way to look at a political run. Open up to the constituents whom you will put into place for postions. Not only are you open to what your direction is and you are not afraid to answer any question in any subject: but opening your process is nothing but revolutionary. And Jesse's voice is maybe not the greatest on all things, but a voice worth hearing and one with great leadership skills and following.

Interesting selection looks like you have done your research and picked the best people for your team.

How do you see your first 90 days in government as?

In our country, we need a man like you. Unfortunately, there is no word "freedom" in our vocabulary.

I'm your follower. Please consider becoming my follower.

You stated you will have one authority you will retain. Namely, overseeing the dissolution process and allocation of hundreds of billions of dollars of resources. By what legitimate, propertarian voluntaryist means will you acquire this "authority"?

Not too much you have to do, the first time you have to recruit friends who wet you all. With your friends there will be many strengths.

We are multicultural beings, we have different ways of thinking, perhaps divergent or convergent, but different; therefore, how difficult it is to understand ourselves in order to reach an agreement that is truly favorable to the diversity of thought that surrounds the borders of the United States.

It sounds to be easier than it seems. You really can’t make everyone happy in my opinion. Someone will dislike the new policy in some way or fashion. You have to go by majority rules I guess. Not really much into politics I kind of want to educate myself about it a little more.

Someone will dislike the new policy in some way or fashion. You have to go by majority rules I guess.

Voluntaryism does not have this problem, however, as there is no violence-backed policy. Adam's platform will have to be dependent on majority "consensus," (a Federal election and centralized policy) as opposed to organic market action, which is why I oppose his platform.

I don't know if we are on the same wavelength, but in my opinion, the organic market is mutating into a digital market that is the future of the globalized economy.

It's your decision but I personally would probably have picked Jesse between the two of them but I'm also pro life. I'm not sure where Jesse stands.
That's a pretty bid swing to pick someone who supported the United Nations global control over families to be your VP but I guess maybe she did a 180 or something.

Not much into politics but yeah free america... I thought it was already a free country though! Either way I’m a supporter! 👍🏻 Upvoted and resteemed!

Announcing President Kokesh and His Cabinet

(make sure you wait to see the new Defense Secretary, surely he can win the heart of Kim Jong-un)

Isn't America a FREE country? Politics is such "I don't know who's telling the truth" game. It's quite fun to watch though :)

Too bad Jesse doesn't want to run again, that guy is a riot.

Technically so is Trump. I just got the latest clip on Adam's new cabinet, I posted it below.

Trump has been pleasantly surprising in a lot of ways, he needs to be watched carefully on gun control though.

"Stand for the flag or get out of the country."

*Drone bombs kids at faster rate than Obama

*National debt rises like a rocket

"Pleasantly surprising"


Just another puppet leader of the largest organized crime syndicate in the world.

Have you calmed down Graham or are you going to down vote me for replying to you?

You know perfectly well why that happened, man.

You were worked up before I even showed up Graham, you wrote ATTN"PRAGAMATISTS FUCKING READ THIS, right?

Not exactly like that, no. But if it is a crime to be “worked up,” do forgive me.

All very true but not unusual, the big difference?...he didn't forget he made the little people promises on the campaign trail and he's on the track of keeping them. There's never going to be a perfect world, I would even surmise that if the world you envision came to fruition, knowing human nature, you'd be less happy about the way things will transpire then you think. Something like that may work on a small scale level but it'll never work as a worldwide solution to man's happiness, man's just to incapable of letting other men be happy.

Cynthia Mckinney would been a better running mate, having the support of women around the U.S supporting your course. Having started this journey back in 2014, you have been your dues to the Libertarian Party to secure the Nomination ticket and win it. I know you have the perfect members for the cabinet in mind.

This is the President addressing the Libertarian Party members

Legalize DMT, Psy discovered bitcoin through Adam many years ago because of DMT. 👁

I respect how much you care about your country. You are doing a great service to freedom and I support you.

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