Libertarian Zhani Doko for US Congress in Arizona

in politics •  4 months ago

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I wish you all the best, I can learn new things every day through your information. There are so many new information inside your writing. Thank you so much for your education.Good news about satellite.

I have joined and have supported the party #Libertarian-Arzona and I am also very happy if I see a job that is successful I pray to God hopefully good luck thanks a lot @adamkokesh for sharing, I joined the Facebook account #Tailah-bayu

I am on behalf of @anwars! [war-marcell] has supported and registered with the Libertarian Party of Arizona. thank you Witnes @adamkokesh for the program. I am very happy if there is FREEDOM in this world [country].

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Enjoyed your video. I'm a registered Libertarian in AZ, and I received my mail in ballots a week ago. Nothing on there - no candidates, etc. Is this something to do with that GOP lawsuit thing you mentioned? If so, what is the thing we should all be doing to get LBT folk into office in AZ? I'm confused....