A serious conversation with Vermin Supreme and Larry Sharpe

in politics •  6 months ago

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Vermin Supreme might be a laughing stock to most. But I like the guy, a very upbeat, happy and genuine guy. He's figured out that the whole system is a game, and he uses satire and obnoxiousness to play the game.

It was cool to see Vermin out of character.Vermin is a good guy, and very smart, too. No doubt he would make a great President... really.
Dtube may be decentralized block-chain, but Steemit demands a phone number to sign up. So, I've always had concerns over anonymity and never signed up because of it.


The trick is to use the old time number people used back in the day to call to set their clocks. Has always worked rather well for me. If I am on a website I always put in that number then wait for them to email they couldn't get a hold of my phone whereas I explained that a lot of websites are devious and will sell your phone to every organization they can think of. If I decide to do business with them then I will give them my phone number, but only to legit businesses like for car insurance for instance. Just use your area code and 4591212.

"I don't hate ponys, I hate free poneys, you have to earn your ponys!"

"If your are welcomed by Republicans than you have failed!"

Classic, I love you guys! Keep it coming .

Good video, I was analyzing a bit and I think the freedom of america is something important and thanks to your knowledge you have expanded your mind. I support you in all your projects, Regards

In the video very important topics are played, I really liked seeing it! has been a great talk.

@adamkokesh nice and ocm video

thank you for share it !thank you! you r so genrous

Larry Sharpe is the guy the LP party is hoping wins a major election in NY I think this year, then speculation is running him as President or Vice President on the LP ticket in 2020 or 2024.

@adamkokesh this is well and good I love the Vermin Supreme conversion very much.
I also like this post. keep sharing I love this.

Vermin Supreme has the best style.