Penny Freeman, former staffer in tears over Ron Paul betrayals

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This also reminds me of the whole Worm Tongue influence problem in Lord of the Rings. Who really got to Ron Paul? Was it really his son-in-law? Was it the deep state finally got dirt on him? Was it really Rand?

How deep are Ron Paul's ties to the Masonic Order? I think that would answer your questions. The net result of "Dr. No" is a sustaining the GOP as a false hope for potential righteousness, while they play the false opposition role.

I have never heard he was a mason, or connected to them. I don't think the freemasons are as scary or powerful as you think. I think that's just an ancient meme said the Mason. LOL But ok. Believe as you believe. But in this day and age of the uncensored, unlicensed internet, you look seriously silly... and perhaps quite lazy.

It would be great if DTube worked reliably. I think it could be destroying YouTube as we speak. But it DOESN'T work reliably. That's the #1 thing stopping it from taking over the world right now. It's sad they can't get their shit together and make videos upload without glitches, and play without glitches. That's basically all DTube is, anyway. Get it right, DTube, or somebody else WILL!
Looking forward to seeing your video, Adam. Might have to go find it on YouTube : (

Do videos that have more steem work better? I swear the guys I follow with no views are the videos that bug out on me. The ones like this with a huge following work perfect every time for me.

All I ever get is a message that says, "No Compatible Source".
Guess I'm going to have to retire this old computer someday soon. Unfortunately then I won't be able to use Steemit either since I can't figure out how to back up my password/key.

Write your private owner key (main password) on paper and put it with your other valuables. It's how you get access to your account again, even if you change computers.
Then invest in a proper PC ($500ish). Everything you do online will be faster and better. DTube will most likely work for you. Your output will go up.

How do I make the key show up rather than dots?

Duh, I just tried right clicking. Boy do I feel stupid.

Thank you for the polite reply and encouraging me to try again.

No problem, and I'm glad you got it working.
Don't feel afraid to ask for help with stuff like that.... it's a learning process for ALL of us here. Everybody understands that and most are very quick to help somebody who needs it. We're pioneers. It's expected that we need backup from our team : )

Thanks again. Unfortunately, though I can see it now and have written it down, (three times). I still can't seem to make it work on my tablet.
I've tried a few times but it still says it's the wrong password. It probably is my big fat fingers that's the problem. I'm going to ask one of my younger friends who is more savvy about this stuff to help me out. What I'm worried about though is that at one time I remember regenerating a new password for some reason, (it made sense at the time but I don't remember why I did it now), and I'm afraid that the password that is stored in Firefox, which doesn't work on the tablet is not the real password and the only reason I can still access my account is because I have never logged out.
I really wish I was better at this stuff because I would hate to lose my account. I was lucky that they accepted me in the first place as I have never had a facebook account either.
Here's hoping this ancient laptop hangs in there till I get this figured out.
Oh btw, I did ask for help in a post but no one replied to that.
I'm grateful to you.

Okay, you said not to be afraid to ask for help. I have confirmed that there is a problem with the password. Probably of my own making, but I am stuck as to how to fix it.
I opened Chrome on the laptop and actually copied and pasted the password from the "generate a new password" page to the login page and it still tells me that it's the wrong password.
I didn't copy it from Firefox stored passwords. I copied it from Steemit.
Don't know what to do now.

You're logged in now, so whatever browser you're using must have your password saved. Logical?
Since you don't seem to have it stored anywhere else, and since you're required to physically type it into your keyboard to change it, you couldn't have changed it. It must still be the same password given to you when you signed up for the account. Right?
So the question is..... did you write down the password on paper, like the signup screen begged you to? Or did you skip that step, assuming it was optional? Even though it lists 7 rules of Steemit, and ALL 7 of those rules are NEVER LOSE YOUR STEEMIT PASSWORD?!
If you skipped the most important part of signup, then unfortunately the best advice I have is don't sign out! : (

I am not sure if I did that whole process. Do you think I should do it now?

I know that I did not write the original password down on paper. But I did copy it on the computer and still have it. It is different than the one that steemit says I have now. Which I have copied on computer and paper.
Should I go through the process of generating another password again?

Did you actually go through the update password process, or just press the generate new password button and copy that?

The generate new password button itself does not change your password, you have to paste that into the box below, input your old password and then hit the update password button in order to change your password.

I am not sure if I did that whole process. Do you think I should do it now?

If you can't recover your Steemit password, my best piece of advice would be to power down this account and withdraw all of your STEEM tokens. Create a new Steemit account, move the STEEM tokens to the new account and power that account up with them. I hope that you don't need to do this, but if you really have lost the password, then you have pretty much lost your account already and this is all you can do to recover any of the work you have put into it.

Obviously if you do need to make a new account, write down the password, probably a couple of times and store it in different places.

It might be possible to go into your browser options/settings, and find the saved passwords section, and show hidden passwords, and find the entry for Steemit and write it down off the screen. That depends on your operating system, browser, etc. I'm not sure if there are more options.

Can't figure out how to back it up?
Might I suggest writing it on a piece of paper.

Oh if it were so easy as that. All I see is a line of freaking dots!

Oops, Nevermind.

Sorry for the sass, wasn't in the best mood. Glad you sorted it out.

email it to yourself.

It works fine for me. Occasionally it'll fail to load but that's rare and fixed by reloading the page.

Most of the videos work so far for me. If one doesn't work, you can always download it with add-ons. But that's of course just a temporary fix. So far, DTube is not a real competition...

Great Post and nice picture..DQmXpTSnMNGJh5tbNTxEkC2yKg3RFSazbqjDPS5HsqrgEn7.gif

His name is Eric Rittberg. NOT "dondero". And if you get another opportunity to speak with Mrs. Freeman, please ask her to explain Rittberg's role in the $2million heist from the Paul campaign treasury back in '88.... which Ron Paul did know about, yet didn't do a thing about.

I agree with everything you say. And i was one of those people that was telling other people to have guns, and listen to William Cooper. But the longer times goes by the more i realize it's pointless. Think about it. If we don't do anything, the top few will control and bring socialism.. But if ppl revolt and overthrow the gov. that too will bring socialism (just like Marx) predicted. Either way were left with socialism. I'ts just replacing 1 tyranny for another one.

Where does this basis of your false dichotomy originate? Karl Marx? aaahahahahaha. Socialism is not the human default mode.


(libertarian channel? ok. I'm gonna pretend you didn't answer me when I storm off in a few minutes)

I love how when you catch him not able to explain himself he's like "you don't know what the role of the federal government is do you??"

As tho that would necessarily justify it? Might makes right? It's funny how statists do that, they default to thinking "the way things are" means anything in a theoretical discussion.

Great job holding his feet to the fire. Riveting entertainment

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Not having deep agents embedded in the party is almost impossible, I think. Especially, since the Libertarian Party is always the backup party in case one of the two mainstream candidates fails on the way. And then an accident might happen. There is way too much money involved as that the establishment/deep state possibly wouldn't get its fingers in.

That's also why I think Gary Johnson became Libertarian candidate. He was so incredibly weak that people couldn't possibly vote for him. I bet a lot of voters were driven into the Trump corner by Johnsons pot head appearance+gaffs.

In terms of the Paul family and their associates, I guess she is telling the truth, but usually the situation is much more complex. Usually, when in a business, you just make too many deals. It's not that the game starts at the beginning after every election and every vote for a bill. And then comes in the money. I think if you are in for too long, you end up thinking it makes total sense to endorse someone like Romney (because, the devil you know..).

Political actors like Penny are rare. They mostly give up - or if they know too much and spill the beans, they might get killed. I really hope that won't happen to her.