Texas LP Fights a Tea Party Takeover! John Wilford - LP Texas State Chair

in #politics3 years ago

Texas reaches new heights at the state convention and Adam learns about a plot from the Tea Party!

Learn more about the Texas LP here: http://www.lptexas.org/

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There is no secret because your secret is another man's game plan. The truth is no man's secret is safe with man

you are great at supporting promoting and sharing about freedom, I am proud of you, I will watch this vidio and I will support freedom. your post is very useful for steemit users. thanks for the post @adamkokesh

very nice content sir about politics i like politics and its news thanks for sharing this content

The libertarian party is a step to anarcho capitalism, the first thing we all need to achieve as a community is to finally get to a minarchist state! I am that this is happening in Texas, where my dream girl lives hehehe... :P I am glad that the left is not trying to fake fill this gap as we all know that they don't have love for human life and freedom equals prosperity! John Wilford is using the ways we have to resist the federal government for now, eventually people should wake up to THE CULT OF STATISM AS @larkenrose says! Thanks for this video @adamkokesh, great work, keep on!- A fan of yours... :)

Now i am access your freedom site...https://thefreedomline.com

woow.is good

yes, I agree with this person's comment.

All i want to see is for LP to take over. Fully in support

wish you great success Mr. Adam. you have been doing best effort to collect the power for freedom. you are good example politician. thanks for sharing such excellent post.

The Tea Party and the Libertarian party ultimately cannot mix. Their core values are too dissimilar for genuine LP members to be sucked in. The Tea Party Movement may be working well with conservatives, but ultimately it'll fail with true LP believers

I am support you sir @adamkokesh

This convention should be convenient for cryptolover.

excellent proposal, in addition the points that you mention are transcendental for the people of the USA. have a nice year

I will follow you and I will learn about you even though I am a citizen of Indonesia but I am very interested in you honestly today I am again reading about you on the internet.
I really salute you and I fully support you become a leader for america
I think you have the charisma to advance America forward and not in soy sauce by other countries, such as the current inhuman government.
I am sure you will lead America kedapan
I'm just a citizen of Indonesia loves you after reading about you.
hope i hope american people love you.@adamkokesh

I came to libertian to support you and I am grateful, a little minarchism is still not freedom ... and I am sure you have judged the tea party of some of your political opponents. I am always at the forefront of supporting you for president of 2020 @adamkokesh


These books can be the perfect gift to introduce to people to defend freedom.

We all want to live in peace.
We all want fair treatment.
We all want to prosper.
We all need freedom.
We all need love.
We all suffer under statism in political thought to make the state the center of all power..