CEO & Founder of Roads to Freedom David Demarest at the Unconvention

in politics •  6 months ago

Adam catches up with David and they discuss privatizing everything, the voluntary sector, the Unonvention, and more!

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UpVot me please please please please please please

we should have the freedom to make our own decisions. Not be molded by the government to make choices.

"Freedom, Nothing More, Nothing Less."

Right @adamkokesh. Nothing but our own liberty!

It is very beautiful to seek the true freedom of freedom of the artificial and the restrictions which are exercised by the federal government not only in America but in most countries of the world
We will only see freedom and true social justice if we defend it and try to explain it to people in a simple way
I agree with you and hope to see freedom in the land
Thank you and Dmet and the rest of the steemit members are free

Adam, you remember 4 years ago when I told you the problem word was "government," and the real word we need to use is governance? This is great, I am so happy this gentleman is using that terminology!

Nice to find you on steemit!