Jim Turney City Commissioner and former LNC Chair

in politics •  6 months ago

Adam and Jim discuss the importance of running as an LP in 2018 or any year.

Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/CommissionerTurney/

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There is a reason why your name is Adam. You love to lead the way and there you have with another enchanting interview to make known the real voice of the people. It is a great work you are doing

Thanks for the links in the post, my friend xoxo

I'll add my opinion to those points, although some were already implied - A lot of people are sick and tired of the current system that restricts freedom, encourages corruption and insults human dignity.

The LP isn't just a party, it is a movement desperately needed to save the American system from implosion. If we continue the way we're going, to put it mildly - we're doomed

I'd rather we stop talking and act on those words but oddly we keep talking. Its time we all take a bold step and join liberal minds like @adamkokesh to fight for our country, our people

There is always hope for the common man whenever I turn to your channel. You are a fighter and I love you for that

Great interview @adamkokesh you are hitting the ground really hard. Your show has proved to be one that want development across the US and the world at large, I throw my weight of support for you. Keep up the good job boss your name will surely go down in history for liberating of the oppressed

I see he kept giving you the old eagle eye every time he said do better than expected....in other words try harder not to get busted driving a unregistered vehicle with no insurance while carrying drugs.

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It's Great Sir :)

I have joined the master of what we have done next@adamkokesh

Dear Adam,

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