Libertarians and Dildos with James Weeks and Jeff Wood

in politics •  5 months ago

Adam catches up with these extra audacious Audacious Caucus members and discusses dildos, the Audacious Caucus, and the LP.

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Haha it seems appropriate that a guy with Wood in his name would be involved with waving a dildo around lol.

That’s a catchy title for a conversation not sure I wanna hear! Lol sure got my attention anyways :)

They used #protection but I still caught that #FREEDOM!

Wow nice article @adamkokesh 🏄🏊Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.💸⛳

TAKE THE DILDO OFF THEIR DEAD COLD HANDS, LOL! What's up Adam, I missed your content! I love your involvement with the libertarian party,, republicans and democrats should be ashamed of being so authoritarian! Anarcho capitalism is the future, minarchism is just a step towards it! I love you dude, I have talked about several interesting anarchist topics recently on my blog! Keep on mate, if I lived on the USSS I wouldn vote for you to be my rightful slavemaster, hopefully non-president in 2020! See you later, great job! :D

Nice article and great talks with the caucus group. I have commented and iam in hope of a free copy of FREEDOM. Keep up the good work. @adamkokesh.