Libertarian Party of California Gubernatorial Debate

in politics •  7 months ago

Zoltan Istvan:

Nickolas Wildstar:

Moderated by Larry Sharpe

Learn more here:

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There hidden agenda is now revealed thanks to social media, now lets ban together :)

@adamkokesh It is good to debate, because the people express their thoughts; I do not like politics.


With good politic we can have good life. Good politic is how to can bring some person to keep smile and be happy

I dont like politics but i like the debate here

If work give smile to some person in my think is very good because with it we can forget how to cry and how to angry

The government are feeding us fear and ideology that's why many people got trap to the system because they were scared of being attacked and abuse by the bad people, and they still don't know that the government are the one who created antagonist to make them believe that we need a government. Many people are so hungry with a real freedom but there's still a lot more people who are being brainwashed and controlled to keep them in the system.

politics inst my thing anyways hope you can follow and upvote my posts

I do not like politics but I love debates

Good writing, thanks for sharing! very interesting. Followed and upvoted

What makes them stand out from the rest? Hmmm