Tim Hagan LNC Treasurer: Where does the money go?

in politics •  6 months ago

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Would be nice if somehow we can have a public blockchain for government funds and the tax money they get...so we see exactly where all the money is allocated

Thank you friends have various news and information in this steemit media. I really like your news until repeatedly times I read it never miss a thank you @adamkokesh good the news

Should free america from federal government for economic justification its a good sound is raising in american people and global world its interest too building momentum and support morally too

Yes! Where does the money go? Governments are always wasting our tax money on failed projects that do nothing other than put more money in to the rich elites!

Im sick of it

Adam, this may date me somewhat, but when I joined the LP as a lifetime member, I paid $500 and I never got any fucking shiny pin. (I'm not complaining at all, just making an 'old school' point.)

Keep up the great work, bro! And btw, Tim better be getting laid at will, because in the math world, accounting is the Yeoman's work. I'll just go back to doing calcuseless now. :-)

Go police the government Adam, I am full of positive energy and I finally learnt about math! Talk about Nikola Tesla and how free energy was stopped by the government, without the state we would probably already have alternative energy and flying cars by now! I am glad, modafinil is great! :D

Hmm interesting. I'm going to give your book a look.

This is what happens in almost all the countries around.... The funds collected by the Government from its masses are usually mishandled and embezzled tax payers money are been spent on unseen projects.