Grassroots Activism & the LP - Joshua Smith - LP Chair Candidate

in politics •  last year  (edited)

Learn more about his campaign here:

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Hey Adam!
Are there any plans to have any type of debate here on D.Tube for the comming elections?
Or is that impossible due to lack of interest from the other parts outside of LP?

Would be nice to see a big serious debate (serious = where the questions are not softball and where politicians don't get of the hock with non answers)

I would love to participate in something like that, but this is the first I've heard of it.

Little I can pick from Joshua Smith is that he's certainly committed to the libertarian cause. I like the way he genuinely sees LP as a third force to be taken seriously

Josh has been very active on social media and has also made it a priority to attend as many state conventions as possible. He believes in the LP %100

I will follow you and I will learn about you even though I am a citizen of Indonesia but I am very interested in you honestly today I am again reading about you on the internet.
I really salute you and I fully support you become a leader for america
I think you have the charisma to advance America forward and not in soy sauce by other countries, such as the current inhuman government.
I am sure you will lead America kedapan
I'm just a citizen of Indonesia loves you after reading about you.
hope i hope american people love you.@adamkokesh

Kokesh 2020!!!

ohhh very nice post i think i should be selfish because its a free offer ryt?
ummmmm im just kidding not never going to force someone and never going to tease any needy person i just want to help you so m going to share it as i can i am not promising but i,ll do my best
and please don,t mind i am really bad in english
thanks for sharing suxh a good stuff
keep it up
GOD always bless u
thank you

sorry i am not another social network i am just on steemit so i already resteemed it i can,t do anything more please sorry don,t mind thanks

upvotede to you.thanks for share

You make an important contribution in the struggle for Freedom. As a veteran who understands the nonsense of war, you have become the promoter of active freedom addressed to the layman.

A great candidate with a special program
We wish him success
Video really special

very-very support good luck what you plan

I appreciate the performance Joshua smith in fighting for freedom, he is the type of person who is high opinion, full of great commitment


Sangat bagua , joshua smith is the best libertians

Vary Good Post I Will Follow You @adamkokesh

Great interview with a great candidate!