Kim wants to 'make a new history' with South Korea.

in politics •  last year

After the primary meeting with the South Korean delegation to North Korea's capital capital of North Korea, Kim expressed his firm determination to continue with the encouragement of Korea's shut relationship and to continue the method of reintegration.

North Korea's high 2 leaders can meet in a very conference of the 2 countries next month, same a South Korean envoy.

He same that he can hold a gathering of 2 Korean border ceasefire villages, Panamunz and this may be the primary meeting of the 2 leaders in additional than a decade. Moreover, the 2 countries have in agreement to launch a hotline among the leaders.

A 10-member delegation from South Korea's high-level officers visited Democratic People's Republic of Korea on a two-day tour on weekday to undertake to arrange a discussion paper for the us.

At a news conference in Asian nation on weekday, the team officers told that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un currently told them that they're willing to barter with the U.S. regarding nuclear disarming.

Kim can attend discuss the protection of North Korean security. And whereas Asian country won't launch any missile throughout this delegation, Kim said.

The us aforesaid that as long as Asian country expresses disposition to debate nuclear disarming, they'll solely proceed with negotiations with the country.

The us is rigorously alerted to the event of South Korean relations with the North. however the us has dominated out any chance of a proper negotiation with Asiancountry till it's able to abandon nuclear weapons.

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