The Official Facts Do Not Add Up In Vegas - Episode 1392b

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The Facebook ads that were handed over to congress only half were displayed and many were displayed after the vote. The IS says they captured Russian soldiers, Russia denies. Certain facts in the Vegas event do not add up, there have been reports of shooting on the 4th floor, many witness say there were multiple shooters and how did the people here the gun shots over the concert noise.


It was conclusively a live drill, a PsyOp Hoax! more evidence that you can chew in the replies section:

I just found this video, an article came online the day BEFORE the shooting took place:

Hi Sky, when I research the information in this video I could not find CNN making any report on September 29 about Steven Paddock.
I I researched WGOW that I can see on your video on Google and found this search criteria:"

When I clicked the link like in the search criteria

I got this :

And This:

I am not sure what think... what do you think?

Here is the link to the article in the video above, I tried to confirm the date google indexed it first. But I guess im not that tech savy...

The above link gives me the following result now:

It didnt the moment i posted the above comment, I remember scanning the article and noticed it might be updated be cause it linked to this article CNN (posted on oct 3th):

Interesting information, thank you.

This whole thing stinks of false flag, nothing makes sense.
The guys profile has no connection with anything political or religious.
He was a retired businessman, they are going to come out with some more BS lies, but I for one ain't buying any of this, and I do believe he was killed, not self inflicted anything.
He was the scapegoat for someone who wanted to kill people and pin this guy, again this whole story stinks of government involvement to create fear and some agenda.

The more I learn about this incident in Las Vegas the more skeptical I become about the official story.

Why was there a woman 45 mins before the incident saying every one is going to die? Where is she?

this is 100% a red flag, so very sad

the bogus islamic state is getting desperate ... upvoted

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Very sad on so many levels. Thanks for sharing.

Once again Dave hits the ball out of the park. Yes we have to go step by step and gather all of the facts then we will have a clear cut picture. but we can see the bread crumbs.

Please everyone support and donate to The x22report, we need someone who has the time to gather facts during economic and political crisis and deliver them to us honestly . I say this to everyone only because I care. :)

Paddock is alleged to have carried eleven bags into his suite over time. If so, that should be visible via interior casino cameras. It occurred to me that he might have been suckered into an alleged film shoot of some Ocean Eleven-type movie and imagined that he was being supplied with props for the scenes being shot at the Mandalay Bay Hotel/Casino. It isn't unusual for movies to be shot entirely or partially in Las Vegas. The CIA has experience in such movie ruses. Why not FBI or DHS? One of the largest movie studio set-ups is owned by the US Air Force in Colorado. Presumably, the motivation would be to win the voters, despite the U.S. Constitution, into accepting Draconian gun regulations in the guise of modest, reasonable controls. The 2nd Amendment can be framed by the Major Media as another "immoral" Dred Scott case, which must be overturned.

Because gunshots are really loud n shit

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