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Another post about the decline of western societies due to the propaganda carried out by an ideology that isn't made to make people better but to put population under fear, manipulations of all kinds, and bring the level of people intelligence to the minimum. This ideology is now not only present in the western world but slowly it makes its way to every part of the world. So, it is very likely that where ever you are in the world, you will have to face the same propaganda one day or another and slowly it will change the world and not for the good of the people.

For many generations we have been told that the world cancer was communism and most of the people will agree with this vision because no one wants to live in a country where you get told what to think and what to do under constant watch of army or police and been incarcerated in a reeducation camp until you fit the requirement of the party or in the worst cases if you express yourself in public and it is not what the party wants you to say get executed in public place. Today, many countries, especially in Europe are turning to a similar ideology than communism but it never told you it is a kind of communism. This ideology is a mix of soft Marxism, Zionism, leftism, and global market capitalism, it is kind of strange to see this kind of ideologies getting mixes together, but in the end it just shows one thing about our politicians, when the causes are no more popular with the masses they are willing to go to whatever extremes to get to their goal, and politician goals today is no more the general interest.

The result of this propaganda slowly enter our daily life and before most of the people are able to understand what is it. It is what has happened to France 30-year soft propaganda that is finally turned to be a real dictatorship today. Little are the French people aware of what has been the propaganda because it has been done on a long period of time and little are the people to really understand where is the problem as they live in propaganda and they are so sure they are on the good side.

A little history of how propaganda comes to life. During the beginning of the 80', it has been an uprising in Poland within the Polish labor union to defend the right of the workers the uprising has lasted 3 years within the end collaboration between the workers and the government and finally brought the workers leader as the head of Poland in 1990. In Europe and in the USA some of the Zionists have taken the "Solidarnosc" movement of Poland as a good example on how they can propagate their ideology. The Polish movement "Solidarnosc" as started a new way of propaganda, they flooded the world with pin's, Tshirt, flag ... and their causes became very popular around the world. The Zionist in Europe start to do the same thing and use an international call against racism at a time there is no need for it and plenty of existing laws to fight racism. They start to organize big events and even a ride from somewhere in the south of France to Paris on small motorcycles, the ride was made by Arab people living in France. The Arabs people who join the ride admit that they get used by Jewish Zionist to bring the causes to life, but they quickly end up their participation as the team of Zionist were not nice to them and give them orders to take out their Palestinian scarf. Anyway, the goal of the Zionist wasn't racism but was in fact about controlling the talks on a national level and later with the help of all other anti-racism agencies that Zionist have opened all around the world. For 30 years French people have been told that they are descendant of Nazi's and they have to be respectful for other ethnics. French people are not Nazi's descendant and France has always been a friendly country to others so at first there was no need for this kind of propaganda. These agencies have close ties in our government since the beginning and they use it to get the right to come into schools and teach our children that their ancestors were very bad Nazi's and we must be nice to other ethnics, especially the Jews who count for double even more it can lead you to a crime of lese majesty. After the 30 years of propaganda, we can see today that these Zionist lobby's are in fact controlling whatever French people say and always they target French that open their mouth by get them fined, jailed, and even get them fired from their job because these agencies always use pressure to get to their goal. Today in France we can see some blogger get 12 years jail term just for saying facts on the internet.

The French politicians are responsible for this, the fact that an outside country is now playing a disgusting role in our politic, they let this to happen and now we are under a Zionist dictatorship that is coming from Israel. Rare is the politician that open their mouth because they know their career may end up if they do talk. Only two politicians have talked about it when they were on their death bed. The President Francois Mitterand who was the one who allows this to happen has said on the TV interview before he died "that the Zionist lobby in France is trying to govern in the dark but it is not good for the country because it is governing by hate" and Raymond Barre an ex-Prime Minister saying at the end of his life that "the Jewish Zionist lobby is doing many immoral operations in France and doesn't care about the needs of the French".



Very nice article!

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