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European elections are now over and the results all over Europe isn't a surprise at all with the rise of the nationalist movement and Euro-skepticism. In many countries the parties that used to be the top political forces have suffered from big lost of votes from the people, it is more than clear that European people don't believe in Europe anymore after 20 years of disappointment, lies, and disastrous economic reform. It seems that the majority of European would love to get out of the European Union.

Since the beginning of the European Parliament, the people have witnessed a radical change in the way national politics works. What was called in the past as a chance for European peace and economy is now seen as the biggest lie ever. Since the beginning European Union countries have never been so involved in exterior conflicts also all these conflicts are done for pleasing exterior countries such as the USA and Israel. In between EU countries, there are no fights and everything is like after World War II and no hate among European countries. On the economic side since the laws have been changed to the European level it is a catastrophe for many countries. As the EU is no more the 12 countries from the beginning but it had open to other countries with the small economy such as many eastern countries, economic reforms have been much more difficult to pleased everybody adding to it a stupid leftist and globalist ideology. So, today, many countries such as France as to sell its production of food at the same prices than a country like Poland which is impossible because of the prices of production in France, but this kind of laws goes only in one way. Polish productors don't have to sell their product at the French price. This kind of stupid laws only help one side and bring the other side into economic turmoil. Every day the laws aren't applied by a country, it has to pay a big fine to the EU. Also, on the labor side, we see many Eastern EU people coming to work in France or other countries and they don't have to pay taxes but they can benefit from our system. Another really big problem is the fact that EU still allowing the mass immigration at a time when EU is in the economic recession for the past 25 years. There is plenty of reason why people are now tired of EU, for years they keep calling on EU to change things and the only thing they get is more and more crazy reforms and laws.

In France during the election for the first time we see the "Rassemblement National" (ex Front National) winning the European election in France, it is a nationalist party but little is to wait from them as they are part of the same elites that seen politic as a way to get a good career but not for the common interest. The LREM party from E. Macron as won the second place and Macron has already announced that he will not change the way he rules the country and it is not a surprise as he is the bankster hired to bring the country down. Other big parties that were in the recent past ruling the country are now small parties with a score under 10%. It is clear that people revendication will not get satisfied with this EU election and it is clearer day by day that only a revolution can affect the established order.



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