A Lobby Against Our Culture

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As I talk about in a few posts regarding the situation in France and Europe a powerful and foreign lobby with branches all around the world are acting against the people interests and have very close ties with some governments.

It is always difficult to talk about this subject because of the brainwashing that has started in the 80' mostly all over Europe and the US because of the indulgence of governments since the end of World War II and the ideology to give land to the Jews who were mostly denied to immigrate in most country. So, because of the brainwashing that keeps going on and on I have to make it clear for all this is not a post condemning the Jews but a lobby that uses their name in order to achieve its own goal. This lobby is the Zionist lobby that many people are mistaken and calls it Jewish lobby. This is a powerful lobby very well organized and with multiple agencies and always using the anti-semitism and the holocaust to silence the opposition. For example, in France, it is represented by the CRIF, LICRA, UEJF ... and in the US with World Jewish Congress, AIPAC, ADL ... All these organizations and associations are mainly financed by Israel and/or extremists Zionist from all over the world.

Last week the World Jewish Congress has put pressure on the Sweedish government to ban the use of the traditional "Runes Scriptures" and to make it criminal to use it. The Runes Symbols are religious and magical writings from the European Celtic culture dating back to the Vikings and before. It is also used by French Britany has it owns Celtic culture. So this lobby is now asking the Sweedish government to ban and criminalize the people who use this scripture, they don't care about the culture of Europe ancestors as they don't care about any culture in the world, they just care about their own culture the "Zionism" and are ready to step on whoever head to achieve their dirty plans and they are identifying themselves as Jews, but do not fall in the trap for example Jews in France are about less than 1% of the population and the Zionists are about 1 or 2% of the French Jews. So, they are very small in numbers but they have close ties with Israel Zionist and get funded with millions every year. Do not mistake Zionist and Jews, Jew is a religion Zionism is a political movement that is fascist and racialist.

Many people around the world have identified the Zionist as a threat for the peace and culture of the western civilization especially after the Zionist claiming that white people are an abomination because of what has happened with Nazi Germany and the European colonialism. This is one of the reasons that these people are creating many organizations all around the globe and pushing government to open borders to always more refugees in the name of the diversity and to mix the people more and more, But I always think is diversity is when you have many cultures in different places in the world? They try to make a uniform world with one culture and one religion, this is not diversity, on the other hand, they are pushing the so-called diversity everywhere in the world except Israel where most of the Jews are white European descendant and if a man or a woman tries to marry a black or any other ethnic people, they will threaten them by all means until they refuse to be married.

People may think whatever they want about me talking about this subject and really I don't care because if people are honest enough to see, research, and tell what is really happening in Europe today against our culture, against our religion they will identify the same group of people. If they are honest enough to accept that all the people in jail in Europe because they have identified the causes of many problems. The Zionist lobby and the government with the help of the justice are kept putting people in jail by calling them nazi and if you hearing the trail you will always see that the concept of Nazi or racism is very very large and has nothing to do with racism most of the time but with politics always. As I always said, "propaganda today is much more important than the facts or even than science!"

I joined two videos one from Red Ice TV telling you about the reasons of the ban attempt and one from DrBadGoy channel it is a documentary made by a Jew filmmaker that explains a lot about the Zionist propaganda on Jews in Israel, a must see.


I am afraid they will push towards a New World Order with one world government by the UN and one works religion based in Rome! Most people are not informed about these devious plans in all countries!

Something will break and lots of people will perish!

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Of course, they will push forward, only a massive international wake up will get them down and it is not for today. Even in Thailand they always try to pressure the government to get what they want. I even saw them in the jungle of Burma trying to make contacts. The same shit all over the world.

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