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WikiLeaks documents referencing DynCorp #OpDeathEaters #OpPTSD #Metoo

Trump selects a controversial US military contractor, Dyncorp, accused of slavery and child trafficking to lead an intelligence council. DynCorp, which regularly engages in human trafficking activities, poses a threat to everyone, American or not. It is a criminal enterprise of one of the most prolific and best equipped military companies in the world. The Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Defense has opened an investigation into DynCorp's activities in child sex trafficking. No employee of DynCorp has ever been prosecuted for any of these crimes.

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DynCorp as a private US military contractor regularly engages in human trafficking activities, particularly child trafficking, in countries around the world. Several cases of child trafficking and even the direct sale of child pornography in Bosnia and Colombia. Despite active federal investigations of DynCorp and successful prosecutions, no employee has ever been sued. The bribes included everything from a boat, a house and even prostitutes. One of the reasons the investigations never materialized is DynCorp's ongoing effort to lobby Congress against the oversight of defense contractors.

Why has no DynCorp employee ever been prosecuted for any of these crimes? DynCorp poses a particularly dangerous threat to children. We can conclude that for the government this is part of the new normal that we should accept...

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