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Let me tell you one more thing, before HF21 my account was a bidbot! Why? That was the only chance to get same return from SP as bid bot investors had, but right now, there is no need to sell votes or shitposting. I can get nice return from curation and I'm happy with that, but when I see that someone is trying to be smarter than me, I have to act, anyone who cares for this blockchain should act


Completely understandable. You have to protect your investment and you've got a nice chunk of Steem Power here....I hear you, I really do. As much good as HF21 was supposed to do, it changed how we all operated on the blockchain.

I know I sound like a broken record, but thanks for the dialogue. I really do appreciate hearing your side of things :)

"mk" used to run a bidbot. he's just actively fucking up everyone

I can stop downvoting anytime, I can take off all flags anytime (if someone help me to find a script which would do it for me). We just need gentleman's agreement but I never got any comment from steembasicincome
What I would suggest is

  • stop "sponsoring" new members
  • stop buying new delegations
  • ask members to undelegate
  • in the meantime, wait for SMT and start thinking how to convert sbi shares into SMT token - find new model for sbi community
  • stop voting on comments!

I prefer to keep this discussion public, so other groups that working #oldsteem way can learn why they are getting downvoted

Thank you for understanding.

I never got any comment from steembasicincome

This is absurd. Here are a few attempts we made to talk to you: (member of my moderator team) (myself on a thread where you responded to him but ignored me) (a friend of SBI that tried to reach out via a member of Polish community)

You're basically saying we haven't talked to you at all because you haven't had an official response from @steembasicincome account? Check the comment history- we do very few responses from that account. Most are from @sbi-booster or from me personally.

What I would suggest is

Your ultimatum is that SBI completely stop all ongoing operations? We have already made many changes to remove features that proved more prone to abuse post-HF21.


"mk" used to run a bidbot. he's just actively fucking up everyone

I'm aware of the hypocrisy, but as he certainly is too, I felt no need to call it out.


I see, you want to help people, that's why you are receiving money from other people who also want to help. You know what? It doesn't make any sense. If you want to help people, just vote on their posts or send STEEM directly to their accounts, don't ask others for money, don't rape reward pool with delegated steem power

Forget about my suggestions, I see that you are going to to keep your "helping bots" on. Just tell people that with "help" will come little downvote worth $0.025 (usually much less) and they should not worry about it.

I do not mean to jump into your conversation here. I have barely read enough to know exactly what all is going on. And quite frankly you have your stake and I respect the fact you have the absolute freedom to do with it as you wish. I noticed you because you downvoted my son's homeschool tracking post.(I bought SBI for that account.) So anyway, I went looking and now i know why you downvoted it. I would like to thank you for keeping the downvotes relatively small.(actually I'm very thankful for how tiny it is) My reason is twofold.
First, he does all his own homeschool blogs, so the upvotes from SBI are an encouragement for doing a good job,at school and at posting. He is a great kid and is so thankful for whatever he gets.
Secondly, I am in the middle of creating (what I think) is an amazing real world use for our chain. I am currently having the software wrote to allow as many of the 2.3 million homeschoolers worldwide as possible to use as chain as a data storage medium for their homeschooling records. I am using my son's post as a "beta version" to help the developer envision what the posts should look like. If you want, feel free to check out this post I did calling for beta testers, I'll link it at the bottom. It will give a little more insight to the service. The response was low, but I'm a member of a home education discord with several active members and have several real world friends excited about the massive potential this has. (Every homeschooler worries about the potential to loose their kid's records.) We are going to fix that. And hopefully increase Steems value by adding a real world use for our chain and by increasing the daily traffic and usage in a healthy way. I hope you and yours have a wonderful week!!! NEWSTEEM TO THE MOON!!!
Edit: I was raised to use the glob between my ears. So I would never invest into anything more them I could afford to loose. So, be it a scam or not(I truly do not believe it to be.) I will loose nothing, so on that level I'm happy.

use as chain as a data storage medium for their homeschooling records

This is fantastic idea!

Thanks friend. I believe we all have to do our part if we want our chain(and investments) to work. I was upset with the latest hardfork. But i know there is nothing I can do to change it so i focused on how to continue to grow. And to my amazement, I can easily grow a lot faster now then i could before. All i had to do was change up how i interacted with the block chain. Now i am growing almost twice as fast. So when i stumbled across the idea to help make a real world use for us i jumped on it. I hope you have a good weekend.🤗

@mmmmkkkk311, okay. So, I have an idea. How about you, since you have major voting power, start supporting those of us who are putting in work here at the very bottom.

SBI has been great for me because people have sponsored me and I have sponsored them. I've made better money this way than relying on someone such as yourself to provide me a little help.

Thus far, I don't see where this is a scam. Please, show us all. I've been scammed before but I'm not seeing the same sort of shit happening with SBI as I did with the other scam artist.

Again, I'm homeless. I wish I had 200-500 bucks to invest. Maybe I would feel like you. I don't know. This is something that I will have to think about.

If you hate SBI so much, what other options do you have for people like me? Yes, I get some help from people but it really isn't enough to get my ass off the street.

I didn't know that SBI supported comments. I can see this as an issue if the comment has little work and thought put into it. That is annoy and I'm on your side with this one. However, if work and thought were put into the comment, there shouldn't be anything wrong with it. Comments can be more valuable than the post itself.

”I don't even know who is the owner of the project …”

This just seems lame. It isn't like they have been hiding who they are behind the project. Their names are there. Look.

”… but I can tell you that he/she is hurting my investment.”

Dude, without us little people writing our posts, there would be nothing for you to invest in. Since my two years' time back here on steemit, many of you at the top have ignored the community's cries for help. Why? Is your greed blinding you from what is possible in the future? Most seem to think so.

Your right, your little downvote isn't that much but the message that you are sending people is not correct, from my point of view. You're not looking at the quality of my work, not taking into account the time it takes to produce the work, and do you even care?

How about you become someone like @curie? We need more support groups like this. The fact that they are one of the only ones is really saddening. @curie keeps people writing; they reward them for the work they put in if it meets some, if not all, of their standards. Trust me, it keeps me on my toes and makes me want to write better knowing that I might get support from them. We need more people doing what @curie is doing. Will you support that intiative?

These are some amazing ideas! I have seen some people who even split to their accounts and have one they use for curating and one they use for controlling spam and such. But i think that if i had that much SP i would feel obliged to upvote some smaller authors who are really doing beautiful or in depth posts. We have a lot of great writers here and they do need support too. Have an awesome week and thanks for offering suggestions along with your complaints. So many will only complain, and not think positively.

start supporting those of us who are putting in work here at the very bottom

Sorry, I don't think it works like that. Steem is not a social service, I don't think it can be a UNIVERSAL BASIC INCOME for everyone either

@mmmmkkkk311, done. Enjoy the social service. I'm happy to do it.

It's yours to do with as you wish. Maybe someday, it will be worth the price of a pizza. There are good things to come.

Screenshot 44.png

Ummm... so you don't support good writing? What sort of things do you support? Isn't this platform about supporting others? You don't see that you are supporting others through your service?

Are you blind?

Hey, no worries! I can support you. It's really easy and I don't mind. How does this make you feel? I mean, have you ever had a homeless person offer you help? Are you going to reject my offer because of the position that I am in? I will buy you SBI shares. I don't mind because I know that I'll get it back and you will get free money on all of your posts for however long it is around - this makes me very happy because you lose nothing and only gain. Because, you know what, it is about being social and supporting the work that people do.

If you have evidence that providing you with free money is hurting you, come forward with it. Otherwise, you're a joke.

Take a look at my voting history, to support more people, I have even stopped voting on own posts , what else you want me to do? Upvoted your previous comment just because you are homeless and I feel bad about this fact but if you are asking me for regular help then I say no, in my opinion it doesn't work like that, I have to like your posts first. SBI doesn't care about content discovery, they voting on you because you bought some shit shares

Would you mind at least looking over the discussion we had with our members some time ago?

We made some changes in response to HF21 already and discussed the pros and cons of some of the other suggestions. It would be a great place to add your own suggestions (and why you think each would be important or would help).

We have put a lot of thought into each aspect of our program design to maximize good, freedom, and community support, while minimizing the potential for abuse.

You issued an ultimatum (cease or be downvoted) with zero research into how our program works and assume that your suggestions are for the good of the chain. If you don't even know how our program works, how can you be so sure that you're in the right?

You've had responses from dozens of SBI supporters asking you to stop your attacks. If nobody has come to your aid and dozens of people have explained their own reasons for supporting and using SBI, how can you be so sure you're in the right?

If your only argument is 'all vote-selling is bad for Steem and should be stopped' then your hypocrisy astounds me and we have no further room for discussion. We can withstand your tax. Can you withstand STEEM going to zero? That's where the virtue signalling downvotes of you and other former bid-bot vote-sellers are driving it.

Leave that blah blah blah crap and beautiful words about supporting for a while. What do you see? I see money.

Let's follow the money.

I just exchanged a couple of hundreds USD for STEEM and powered it up. Yesterday I have done same thing. Now answer 2 simple questions:

  • how many dollars have you exchanged in your life for STEEM?
  • how many STEEM you have on your 10? or 15? accounts? Do they belong to the circle or just to you?

Follow the money, the price of STEEM has dipped after you started your thing.
スクリーンショット 2019-12-04 23.59.41.png
Please stop raping its value and hurting my investments.

Please stop raping my investment, use #sbi-skip

@,mmmmkkkk311, SBI supports a greater circle than you most likely are.

Hold up! You're claiming you're not in a circle of your own. Do tell. Teach us, Great One. How did you escape the circle?

@mmmmkkkk311 voting CSI from Steemworld:

@steembasicincome voting CSI from Steemworld:

The design of SBI is such that every other SBI program voting account has a higher CSI than main account, but @sbi-tokens CSI would be representative of the whole program:

Because pending value is accumulated until minimum upvote threshold is exceeded, the majority of SBI members receive votes less frequently than once per week at current STEEM prices, CSI would need calculated over a longer time period to be really accurate, but this gives an approximate idea.

So yes, as mmkk said, follow the money. We have delivered almost a million total upvotes, distributed across thousands of accounts, and more than half of accounts receiving upvotes never sent any money or 'paid' for their upvotes in any way.

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