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Polioemilitis is a type of viral infectious disease. One person from another person is infected with this kind of virus. In this disease, the organs of the child become crippled. More than 95 percent of polio-infected patients do not have any significant visible symptoms or minor symptoms. It can be seen only a few days before the blood flowed. The virus enters the nervous system of the human body and attacks the nervous system that controls the muscles. This is why the person's body is affected by paralysis. The affected area is usually on the legs. Also its destructive tendency occurs in the human brain which is more complex than the complex. Sometimes it causes death.

In 1840, German Orthopedic surgeon Jacob Hain invented the first poliomyelitis. Its main ingredient is the presence of poliovirus germs. Karl Landsteiner. In the late nineteenth century Europe and later in the United States, widely spread in the form of polio epidemics. Thousands of pre-existing areas were polio which were mentioned in ancient paintings. In the twentieth century, the disease was included in the list of children's major diseases. The disease of 1910 spread all over the world. Especially in the city, this disease was more likely to occur in the summer. All were at risk for the discovery of polio vaccine. In the 1950s, one year after the discovery of polio vaccine, one of the number of infected people came.
Efforts are being made to control the disease worldwide by feeding polio vaccines. In 1988, there were approximately three and a half million patients worldwide, in 2007 it stood only 1,652. In addition to the World Health Organization, Rotary International, UNICEF plays a pioneering role in the prevention of this disease.

We can eradicate this disease by polio virus. It should be kept in mind that no child is excluded from vaccination.